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The gift of motherhood does not mean the absence of aspirations. Never apologize for wanting more. You’re a better mom when you’re a happy mom. Do what makes you happy and dream on Momma! 

A Guide for the Professional Momma

Working Mom​

Get tips on navigating pregnancy, maternity leave, and pumping at work.​

Work Attire​

Get tips on fashion and the work place, and how to look your best on a budget.​

Career Advancement ​

Best tips for achieving your goals and growing in your career as a working mom.

Professional Mommas are working mothers.

Being a working mother, whether inside the home or outside the home, comes with a lot of stress, pressure, and sometimes unrealistic expectations from others. There are some who still feel that a woman’s place is at home with the kids. The man should be the one that works and the woman should have no other aspirations other than being a great mom and wife. Well that ship has sailed and I’m here to tell you that you can design a life you love while still achieving your career aspirations, being an awesome mom, a great wife, and being happy with self.
It’s ok if you don’t have all of the answers right now. Motherhood may have even changed your previous vision. That’s ok too. Together, we will figure this out and the outcome will be a life you absolutely love and are happy with.

Working Mom Resources

Plan your Life

Tools, tips and tricks to time management, getting organized and keeping track of all you've got going on as a working mom.

Maternity Leave

Announcing a pregnancy, managing work while pregnant, negotiating leave, and going back to work after a leave.

Working Mom Style

Work fashion, mom comfort, accessories for both -- taking care of you with fitness, fashion and fun.

Know your Rights

Pregnancy, maternity leave, pumping at work, and other issues -- know your rights as a working mom.

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