About Us



I’m Keyona, the working momma behind the blog. I have always been an organized, focused, goal oriented, overachiever with a plan. Well, all of this changed in late 2016 when I realized I was expecting my first baby.

Motherhood has completely changed my world, as I’m sure it has also changed yours. You are probably feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and at times discouraged. All feelings that I also experienced. I was so glad to have friends to turn to.

Right now you are looking at yourself and your baby and wondering if what you are feeling is normal and how are you going to survive. Who knew this little human would take you on an emotional roller coaster and have such a hold on your life. It looks so easy on TV and in all the books you read while expecting.

The reality is a different story, especially once you return back to work!

I want to use my experiences to help you regain a sense of self, simplify motherhood, and excel in both your work life and home life. I also want to share what worked for me and what continues to work for me as my baby grows. 

Professional Momma was born through many late night discussions, tears, frustrations, and joy. I wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t have the  support of friends and family in the beginning and even today! There is so much about this motherhood experience that women do not talk about.

This blog will be the real and unfiltered truth about the balance of being a mother, a professional, and a woman. I hope you find the information both valuable and relatable and  decide to follow me on this journey we call Motherhood!

Keyona is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), who practices in North Carolina.

More about me!

I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl whom I love and adore. As an only child who never had to be responsible for anyone other than herself, motherhood has introduced me to another way of life. During my pregnancy I read anything I could get my hands on regarding pregnancy, delivery, and of course, having a new baby!

I thought I was ready for any and everything!

…but Kenz decided she was not going to conform to the books! 

Through the challenges I faced during pregnancy and delivery,  I knew I had to share my experiences and my solutions. I have dealt with placenta previa, hemorrhaging after delivery, and being a single, working mom, among other things.  On a daily basis I come into contact with both expecting mothers and new mothers who are overwhelmed and full of questions, as I was.

I have been blessed to have my best friend share my journey simultaneously. That support has been invaluable. And that’s why I know that I can help other mommies avoid some of the pitfalls I fell into. I want to see others enjoy the successes I’ve achieved as a mom. And I also want to provide a place to share my own struggles and achievements.

I love to help others!

When I’m not mothering my new baby, I work as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, CRNA, in the South East region of the country. I’ve always known that I would work in the medical field. But it wasn’t until my college years that I decided that nursing, anesthesia specifically, was my path. I love that I have the ability to take care of people when they are in their most vulnerable state. My favorite patients are pediatric patients and patients undergoing open heart surgery. It fills me with joy to contribute to their positive outcomes.

Once I leave work and have Kenz settled for the night, I enjoy all things HGTV and DIY. I love touring new construction homes and getting ideas as well as helping friends find homes of their own. When Kenz gets older I hope to be able to relish in one of my other loves, reading.