How to Use a Pacifier Clip as a New Mom

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What should I know about binky clips?

As a new mom you’ve probably been researching everything from how to choose a daycare to how to pump breast milk. It’s amazing the amount of things you need to know to take care of one little person. Knowledge is power so today I want to arm you with a vital nugget for your motherhood basket; how to use a pacifier clip. Sometimes it’s the simplest looking things that cause the most frustrations especially as a professional modern mama. So, think of this as your ultimate guide on pacifier clips. Let’s get started!

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pacifier clip

What are pacifier clips?

Have you ever seen a baby that was crying loudly and visibly upset because they couldn’t find their pacifier? A baby’s pacifier is their kryptonite. They will do anything for it and are inconsolable without it (unless you’re giving them milk instead).

A pacifier clip makes it to where they never have to be without their pacifier and keeps it from ending up on the dirty floor. It’s basically a loop tie on one end that attaches to pacifier and then a metal clip (or a plastic clip) that allows the pacifier clip to be attached to your baby’s clothes or baby bibs. This makes it easier for older babies to find their own pacifiers and for parents to find the pacifier for younger babies. It can even be a lifeline when you’re driving and your baby is in a car seat.

What are the different types of pacifier holders?

  1. Wooden beads pacifier clip
  2. Fabric pacifier clip
  3. Silicone beads paci clips
  4. Leather clip for pacifiers
  5. Personalized paci clips


Best pacifier clip

The best pacifier clips come in a safe length and take into account safety to avoid any type of choking hazard. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the total length of a pacifier clip shouldn’t exceed 7-8 inches.

The publication Advances in Pediatrics and Neonatal care also advises parents to avoid the following type of pacifier holders: pacifier clips with wood or silicone beads that are less than 1.25 inches in diameter. In the past, the silicone and wood beads used on pacifier holders were typically under 1 inch in diameter making them the perfect size to block a baby’s airway and posed a serious choking hazard. Some beads are still under 1 inch. So keep this in mind when looking for best one.

It’s ok if you decide to not use a pacifier clip for your baby boy or baby girl but just remember to not tie a pacifier around their neck or hand. You also don’t want to tie it to their crib. All of these actions are considered dangerous and could cause serious harm to a baby.

Prioritizing baby safety, here are our 3 favorite pacifier clips:

Favorite binky clips 


Unisex modern pacifier clip 

We love this because it’s unisex, washable, and uses food grade silicone. It’s also less than 8 inches long, eliminating the risk of strangulation.


MAM Pacifier Clip 


This is called MAM pacifier clip but it will work with any type of pacifier. The clip is plastic instead of metal eliminating the risk of rusting. This is another clip that is less than 8 inches in length and it doesn’t contain silicone beads nor wooden beads. 

Jolly Pop Pacifier Holder


The Jolly pop is not your traditional paci clip as it doesn’t actually attach to the baby. It is a pacifier holder though. It will help you easily locate a pacifier and can still be used in conjunction with a pacifier clip if need be. Simply detach the Jolly pop from the soothie pacifier and use any pacifier clip you desire. 

How to attach a pacifier clip?

  1. Take a look at your binky and see if it has holes on either side of the nipple. If it doesn’t, see if there is an opening of some sort on the side of the pacifier handle.
  2. Next step, look at your pacifier clip. You want to pay attention to the end of the clip where you should see a loop.
  3. Take the loop from the pacifier clip and push it into the hole on either side of the pacifier or wherever the opening is present if there isn’t a hole.
  4. Spread the loop open and pull the opposite end of the pacifier clip through until it is tight against the pacifier.
  5. Viola, you are ready to start using your baby’s pacifier with a paci clip.

How do you use a pacifier clip?

The amount of pacifier clips on the market is overwhelming. The good news is that you use them all the same way for the most part and they can be used for more things than just keeping a pacifier in easy reach of your baby’s mouth. Pacifier clips can be used as a teether clip or teether holder as well as a way to attach keys or your badge to diaper bags. The uses for pacifier clips are just endless!

If you’re wanting to use a pacifier clip the traditional way, you simply attach the child’s pacifier to the clip and then use the metal or plastic clamp to attach it to the baby’s clothing.

DIY paci clip

Did you know you can make your own DIY pacifier clip at home? Remember to keep the length less than 8 inches. If you use beads, make sure they are greater than 1.25 inches in diameter. Other than that, here is what you’ll need to do to make your own pacifier holder.

Supplies needed for DIY clip

  1. Baby’s favorite pacifier 
  2. Plastic clip 
  3. Ribbon
  4. Velcro
  5. Scissors
  6. Thread

Even if you don’t want to make a clip for your pacifier, these DIY clips make great baby shower gifts!

Do I need a pacifier clip

The short answer is no, you don’t. However it’s ability to keep the pacifier close can make life easier for you and your baby. Being a new mom is hard enough as it is. It’s ok to simplify motherhood. Go and do you and your baby a favor and get a pacifier clip!

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