strong girl names with a powerful meaning

27 Strong Girl Names With Powerful Meanings

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Powerful girl names

Have you ever taken the time to look up the meaning of your name? Every baby’s name has some unspoken meaning behind it. Be it old-fashioned baby names or modern ones, each name brings some kind of pride to the parents and the baby too. Sometimes the meanings behind the name may surprise you, pleasantly of course. 

Becoming parents is the beginning of a new mesmerizing journey.  Holding your tiny, little bundle of joy in your hands is one of the most enthralling things for every new parent. Rightly so, you want to make sure you give your baby the perfect name. The name that matches who they are, all you hope they’ll be, and one they can be proud of. 

When parents start looking for names, especially for a baby girl, a lot of times they look for strong girl names with powerful meanings.  They know the inner strength of their babies and want to show it off to the world with equally powerful baby girl names.

There can be a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect name to represent your child but we’ve simplified it by giving you 27 strong girl names with powerful meanings. There’s bound to be something here that will do your strong baby girl justice. 


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strong girl names

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Baby girl names and meanings

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Strong Girl Names With Powerful Meanings

1. Valentina

The name Valentina is a feminine version of the masculine name Valentinus.  This name is derived from the Latin word Valens that means Strong and Healthy. It’s a perfect name for your strong baby girl.

2. Adira

The name Adira has Hebrew and Hindu roots. In both cultures, the name Adira means Strong and Mighty.

3. Aza

The name Aza is a beautiful unisex name for boys and girls. Aza means Powerful, and the name is of Arabic origin.

4. Amalda

Amalda is the name of German origin. It means Strong and Eagle. The name Amalda represents the strength of the kingbird Eagle that has a sharp vision too.

5. Brielle

The name Brielle is a female-given name and it means “God is my strength”. Brielle is a name of French origin and is considered a beautiful classic French name for girls.


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6. Ebba

Ebba is the feminine version of Ebbe. The name Ebbe is a tiny form of a German name Eberhard that means Strong. Ebba is a pretty yet strong name for your baby girl.

7. Trudy

The name Trudy has its roots in German culture. Trudy is a female given name that means Spear of Strength. The Biblical meaning of the name Trudy is Spear Maiden.

8. Audrina

Audrina is the name of English origin. The name Audrina means Noble Strength.

9. Drusilla

Another feminine name of English origin, the name Drusilla means Dewy Eyes & Fruitful. The name Drusilla is said to be derived from the Greek Drosus meaning Dew.

10. Alcina

The name Alicia is one of the most beautiful Strong Girl Names With Powerful Meanings. Alicina means Strong-willed. This would be the perfect and powerful name for your strong-willed baby girl.


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11. Giselle

The name Giselle is of French origin. Giselle is derived from the German word Gisil which means Bright Pledge and Beautiful like a Star. It becomes an exquisite name for your starry baby. 

12. Honovi

The name Honovi is of Native American origin and it means Buck or a Strong Deer. 

13. Jasira

Jasira is a bold name for girls. The name Jasira itself means Gentle, Bold, and Courageous. It has its origin in African and Arabic cultures. 

14. Mandana

The name Mandana is of Persian origin and it has a beautiful meaning that is Everlasting. The happiness of having a baby girl is an everlasting joy for parents. How about naming your baby with this everlasting name, Mandana? 

15. Matina

Matina is a name of Arabic origin. It means Strong and Solid. This is an impeccable name for a strong and solid baby girl like yours.

16. Nicole

The Female given name Nicole is a feminine version of a masculine French name Nicolas. This name has its roots in Greek culture and it means “Victory of People”.

17. Addo

Another baby girl name of African origin, the name Addo means King of the road. It is primarily used by the parents for their baby girls.

18. Odede

The name Odede is of Hebrew origin. It is a popular name for girls and it means Strong.

19. Tiaret

One more female given name of African origin, Tiaret means the Lioness. That is the most adorable Strong Girl Names With Powerful Meanings. Let your lioness roar high with this strong name, Tiaret.

20. Mahogany

A Mahogany tree is known to be having strong roots and trunk and it grows faster. The name Mahogany makes a perfect match for your baby girl when you expect her to be strong and grow faster. 

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21. Imala

The name Imala is of Native American origin. Imala means Strong-minded, that’s an immaculate name for your strong-minded and precious girl.

22. Etana

Etana is a female given name and is of Hebrew origin. The name Etana means Long-lived or Firmness. It represents the Strength of a person through a strong name, Etana.

23. Minka

A Polish origin name, Minka means Gilded Helmet that is known to be strong and protect the person during the wars. A name as strong as the gilded helmet, Minka is one of the most beautiful and rare baby names for girls.

24. Ronae

Ronae is a girly name and it means Strong Counsel. It is a feminine version of the English name Ronnie. It makes another rare and beautiful name for baby girls.

25. Walta

The name Walta is of African origin. Walta means Shield. It is a quintessential name for your precious baby who is as strong as a shield.

26. Morowa

In addition to the African baby names, this beautiful and rare baby name Morowa means the Queen.

It makes it a perfect match for your bossy and strong-willed baby who will win the people around her with her strong and bold attitude.

27. Kaiya

The name Kaiya is of Japanese origin and it means “Forgiveness”. One needs to be too strong to forgive others for their mistakes.

Having this strong quality of forgiveness, your baby girl will surely win people around her. Kaiya makes it a perfect match for a kind-hearted baby girl like yours.


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Powerful baby girl names 

Finding the perfect strong girl names with powerful meanings should be a breeze for you now. Hopefully, you’ve found a name that is going to live up to your strong daughter from our list.

Either way, whatever name you choose will be the right name for her! Don’t overthink it. If you need more ideas for baby names, check out my favorite site!

While your finalizing baby girl’s name, be sure to check out our list of things to do before the baby arrives!


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