Baby Checklist for you Nursery Essentials

Baby Checklist: Nursery must haves

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What do you need for your baby nursery?

Having a baby is such a fun and exciting experience. There are so many milestones to look forward to and a baby checklist to create! For me, the most anticipated part was finding out the gender.

Once I knew what I was having, I was ready to shop! I’d never had a baby before and most of my friends hadn’t started their families yet either. What was I going to need for my baby? It was challenging finding an answer to that question. I came across a lot of baby checklists that said I needed 2 hooded bath towels or 2 blankets. They didn’t tell me which brand to buy or even how to go about deciding. I quickly became overwhelmed!

As a person with a Type A personality, I hate procrastinating and I have to have order. So, I did a lot of research, checked safety ratings, did price comparisons, and read a lot of reviews. It took a while but I eventually developed a meticulous baby checklist for my baby registry.

Use the baby checklist below to make choices for your baby nursery:


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Baby Registry Checklist:


  1. Crib

    • A crib can be a very pricey investment. I wanted something that would be able to grow with my baby. It was also important that the crib be gender neutral as I want to have more children in the future. Ultimately, I went with a white 4-in-one convertible crib. White can be used for a baby girl or a baby boy.
  2. Mattress

    • Babies-R-Us was a one stop shop and I hate that it’s gone! I was able to look at a mattress and make a decision. I was trying to stay within a certain budget and be practical with my selection. My coworkers weren’t budget conscience and bought me an upgraded serta crib mattress. My economical side appreciates that it has an infant side and a toddler side.
  3. Dresser

    • The dresser came from wayfair. I chose to go with white to match the crib. Durability wasn’t a huge factor for me as I don’t intend to use it past the toddler years. Turns out the dresser is very durable. Wayfair has a great selection of dressers in different colors and sizes. You’re sure to find something to fit your needs.
  4. Diaper Pail and Refills

    • Some mothers swear by diaper pails while others say you don’t need it. I ended up with two, one in the nursery and one in my bedroom. It was very convenient and I loved it. Then, it was time for a new bag. That’s when our relationship ended. I refilled it a couple of times but I only found open bag refills. Now the diaper sits on top of the pail until I take it to the trash. So sad. If I can find refills like the original, I would absolutely use it again. It did a great job of concealing odors, I never smelled a thing!
  5. Monitor

    • There are so many options to choose from when it comes to a monitor. Personally, I knew I wanted to be able to see my baby and be able to talk to her. It was also important to have night vision, room temperature, and an option for vibrations. In the end I was completely overwhelmed by all of the choices. Ultimately I decided to use the same monitor as Tiana. I love it. My only complaint would be I wish the battery on the parent monitor lasted longer.
  6. Crib Mobile

    • I was gifted with my crib mobile. I’m not sure that it’s a necessary purchase. Some moms avoid them all together as they can distract baby from falling asleep. I actually need to take ours down. My baby likes to stand up and pull on it when she’s supposed to be going to sleep. As an infant she did enjoy listening to the mobile music.
  7. Crib Sheets

    • Let me let you in on a secret…. Babies poop all of the time. If you lay them on something clean, especially if it’s white, they will have a blow out!!! Trust me on this.  Multiple sheet sets are your friend unless you want to be constantly be doing laundry. I found crib sheets at target and ordered some from etsy as well. Whenever she spits up or poops on her sheets, I’m always grateful for my large selection. I ended up with 4 sets of sheets.
  8. Crib Bedding Set

    • As much as I searched and searched for the perfect crib set, I now think it was a waste of money. Babies can’t use comforters or crib bumpers and most sets come with both. All you need from the set are the sheets and crib skirt. The diaper stacker and changing pad cover were also useful. Eventually I started using the comforter as a photo prop. I would lay her on it for her monthly photos. Other than that, it was useless.
  9. Wearable Blanket/Swaddle Blanket

    • Oh how I regret not swaddling my baby once we got home. 2 days later when I tried, she wasn’t having it. No one told me that there was a possibility my baby wouldn’t like being swaddled. Isn’t there a universal code that all babies want to be swaddled? I brought two different types of swaddles, the blanket kind the wrap kind. I ended up using the blankets as nursing covers on occasion and as general blankets. We still use them at 14 months. The swaddle wraps will be saved for the next baby!
  10. Receiving Blanket

    • Take as many receiving blankets as you can from the hospital. You’ll go through a bunch during your stay. Don’t put them in the dirty pile, instead put them in your bag. They are the only ones I found that were also long enough to use for swaddling too. If you don’t want to do that but still want the hospital type receiving blankets, you can try these. Make sure you wash them first!
    • I received a lot of luvable friends receiving blankets. I didn’t love them but I still used them. Outside of the hospital’s my favorite receiving blankets were these.
  11. Glider with Ottoman

    • For me, this was the most important item in the nursery. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and would spend a lot of time in this chair. Guess what, I was right! Gliders are nice, but they didn’t fit my needs. I wanted a chair that rocked, reclined, swiveled, and was comfortable. It was like trying to find a needle in haystack! Eventually I found the chair of my dreams!!! I’m still in love and don’t see an end in site. Amazingly, it was a breeze to put together. Or at least it looked like it was! They recently upgraded to this model which looks exactly my chair.

Now, that part of the baby checklist is complete. It’s time to create your nursery.

What’s in your baby’s nursery? Anything missing?

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Baby Checklist for Nursery Must Haves

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