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Baby Registry Checklist Must Have Items

Baby Registry Checklist: All of your baby’s must have items

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Must Have Items for your Baby Registry

Congratulations mama, you’re having a baby! You are probably excited, nervous, and overwhelmed all at the same time. Those feelings are totally normal and expected. Hopefully you’ll leave this page feeling less overwhelmed as we go through the steps to create your baby registry checklist.

If this is your first baby or even second or third, it’s important to have a baby registry checklist and to decide where you want to create your baby registry.

Why do I need a baby registry checklist?

People love babies and even more, they love buying things for babies! If they don’t know what you want, they’ll  guess and buy whatever they think you want. You probably won’t like it. The last thing you want to be doing is going from store to store returning baby stuff. Make it easier on yourself and those who care about you by telling them what you want.

What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s why you’re here! You’re going to learn what the must have baby items are and decide what you want on your baby registry checklist.

Where should I create my baby registry?

You are not limited to one place for your baby registry. Some mothers have been known to register at two or three places. First you need to consider the people who will be buying you gifts. Do they live in a rural area? Will they have access to the internet and are they familiar with how to use it? Are the stores you are considering in their area?

If people live in a rural area, chances are they don’t live close to major stores. They will have to make a concerted effort to go buy you a gift from your registry.

Are a lot of your loved ones older? Older people aren’t as comfortable with internet shopping. They feel prefer going in a store and physically buying a gift.

You also have to think about yourself. Do you need to physically see and touch an item before putting it on your registry or is seeing it on the internet good enough?

After answering these questions you should be able to determine if you want to create an online registry or a store registry. Remember you’re not limited to just one. You can have an on-line baby registry and register at a store as well. Most stores also allow their registries to be accessed from the physical store and on-line.

If I decide to create my baby registry checklist on-line, what are my options?

The two most popular online baby registry creators are Amazon and Babylist. Another popular option is The Bump. They all come with different perks.


We all know that Amazon is the largest online shopping platform. This rings true when it comes to creating your baby registry checklist as well. They have over 270,000 items in their baby store! Can you imagine?  That ‘s a lot of stuff!!! On top of that, you have the option to add items from any site, not just Amazon!

Universal Registry

You have the ease of completing your baby registry from the comfort of your own home or wherever  you choose to be.  Amazon gives you a welcome box (valued at $35) once you’ve completed the steps to create your baby registry. The box includes Amazon elements baby wipes, Philips Avent nightime disposable nursing pads, cetaphil daily baby lotion and a host of other things. This alone makes the registry worth it! After looking at the contents, it has to be valued more than $35!

Your guests’ Amazon Prime membership will still give them free two day shipping on your registry items. This makes shopping convenient and shipping inexpensive! Once $1,000 worth of items have been purchased off of your registry, you can redeem $100 in diapers and wipes. That’s a major savings!

It pays to be an Amazon Prime member while you’re pregnant. As a prime member you will receive a 15% off completion bonus, 25% off of aquafor baby products, 15% off of select Ingenuity and baby Einstein products, as well as 40% off of select Evenflo goods.  The savings doesn’t stop there! You get to pick a free book like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and you save %15 off of Amazon prints. Amazon makes it difficult for any other business to compete with them!


Babylist also allows you to put items from any store on your registry. Once you’ve completed all of the necessary steps in creating your baby registry, you get a welcome box from Babylist as well. You do have to pay $4.95 for shipping.

The Bump

The Bump allows you to create registries with the most popular retailers and they will sync them within 24 hours. This means people can come to one place and see every place you’ve registered! There retail partners include Walmart, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids, Crate & Kids, Baby Earth, and Crowrise charity registry. What The Bump lacks in welcome boxes, they make up for in convenience!

What are my store options for creating my baby registry checklist?

Babies R Us is truly missed as this was one of the most affordable baby buying solutions! The most popular options left now are Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Walmart. Again, they all come with their own perks.

Buy Buy Baby

If you register with Buy Buy Baby, you’ll receive a free goody bag, 15% completion bonus, free shipping for a year after spending $1,500, and a referral bonus when referring other expecting moms. Did you know that you can use the 20% off coupons form Bed Bath and Beyond at Buy Buy Baby? That’s a big savings and you’re loved ones will appreciate that.


Target will also give you a gift bag and a 15% off completion bonus. The completion bonus should arrive 8 weeks before your due date. You can add items from other sites to this registry as well.


Walmart also offers a welcome box and they offer price matching! That’s a great benefit especially when most retailers carry the same brand. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

Starting your registry in a store can prove to be a great bonding experience for you and dad. You will be able to walk the store together and click the items you want. Now dad can feel a part of creating the baby registry checklist too.

When should I create my baby registry?

You can make your baby registry checklist at anytime and build upon it as you progress in your pregnancy. Also, you can start registering for baby items whenever you want. It’s an ongoing process so don’t be feel like you have to complete it in one sitting. The earlier you start, the better. You will be able to take your time and really think about what you want and need.

As a rule of thumb you want to be finished with your registry before you have any baby showers. If you aren’t having any baby showers, have your registry completed by the end of your second trimester.

How will people know where I’m registered?

If people google you or your significant other’s name, often times it will pull up your baby registry. Most people announce where they are registered on their baby shower invitations. You can also send out an email notifying your village of where you are registered.

What should I include on my baby registry checklist?

This is a guide of things you should consider when creating your own baby registry checklist. Included on this checklist are the items that I actually used for my baby and my thoughts about them. This is included to provide you with the perspective of an experienced mom.

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I decided to go with a travel system instead of getting a separate stroller and carseat. It was more economical to do it this way in my opinion. My particular system,  the Britax B-lively and B-safe travel system, is a bit pricey. However, the safety reviews were excellent and that was what I cared about the most.

Car Seat:

If you use an infant carseat, make sure to have a base for your car and your partner’s car. You won’t want to have to move it back and forth. Keep in mind that many newborns hate infant carseats and tend to do better in the convertible carseats. Even if you do plan on using an infant carseat, also register for the convertible carseat that you intend to use down the line.

Baby Carrier:

During the first six months I preferred using a wrap over a baby carrier. I felt like it gave my baby more support and allowed her to be closer to me. It provided the best skin-to-skin contact. This was my favorite wrap. It can get warm quickly if used outdoors in the summer but keeps baby warm in the fall and winter.

When my baby got older (9 months) we started using a baby carrier. I’ve used it in the airport multiple times and even at Disney. This carrier allows airflow. We haven’t had any issues with the baby getting too hot or me getting too hot! It can be used from infancy to through toddlerhood.

Diaper Bag

For some reason I didn’t want my diaper bag to look like a diaper bag. It was important that it function like a diaper bag though. When my baby was smaller I preferred this bag. As she got older I switched to the backpack style and haven’t looked back. It is important that your diaper bag has several compartment to accommodate all of baby’s needs as well as yours. Often time the diaper bag replaces your purse. That stuff has to go somewhere!

Car Seat Bunting Bag

I underestimated the importance of this item. You absolutely need some type of carseat cover, especially in the winter time. Babies cannot wear coats inside of their carseats. It prevents them from being secured properly. But, we still have to keep them warm and a bunting cover does just that. It allows baby to be secured properly in their carseat while simultaneously keeping them warm. I used to keep my baby in her carseat when we went places and kept her covered with the carseat cover.

There are several different types of car seat bunting bags. I used the one I went with because it simply covered the carseat. It did not come between the baby and her safety harness. Be aware of those types when you’re creating your baby registry checklist.

Car Seat Protector

This is not a huge necessity but does come in handy. I use the car seat protector to protect my leather seats. Be careful when using these though as it can be a safety concern. According to the you want to avoid using anything that comes between the vehicle seat and child restraint.

Head Support

My carseat didn’t support any additional head support. I simply rolled a receiving blanket and placed it on either side of her head for stability. This is not advice, just simply what I did. Use your own judgement when deciding on how to support your infant’s head in the car seat.

Viewing Mirror for Car

I found the mirror to be a necessity. They are more useful to you if the carseat is installed in the middle of the backseat. If baby is placed behind the driver or the passenger seat, you may have difficulty seeing them.  The mirror will allow the baby to see themselves regardless of where the carseat is installed. This can serve as a source of entertainment for them and allow for a stress free riding experience.

SunShade for Car and Stroller

A lot of cars come with a built in sunshade. If yours doesn’t they are really inexpensive and worth it.


My baby absolutely loved this toy. Therefore, I loved it too! It kept her entertained on the trips back and forth to daycare as well as road trips to see G-Ma and G-Pa.


Breast Pump

You shouldn’t have to register for a breast pump. Through the Affordable Care Act, your insurance provider should provide a breast pump free of charge. Check here for assistance.

Nursing Pads

There are two types of nursing pads, disposable and reusable. I didn’t want to add to my list of things to wash so I opted for the disposable nursing pads. To be honest, I didn’t really use them that often. I probably should have though because I leaked a lot. They were just an inconvenience for me.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

I tried a couple of different brands but ultimately my favorite were and still are the Kiinde storage bags.


I registered for the Playtex bottles with disposable liners. I hate washing dishes and knew I didn’t want to be stuck washing a bunch of bottles and their parts. This ended up being the only bottle that my breastfed baby would take.

Extra Nipples

Extra nipples always come in handy. Keep in mind they come in different sizes. Register for a couple of different sizes if you plan on formula feeding. For breastfed baby, stick with the lowest flow nipples.

Bottle Sterilizer

You don’t have to buy a sterilizer, you can always boil everything on the stove like our parents did. I did purchase a sterilizer and I did use it. I went with one that could be used with any bottle. My recommendation is that you do the same as you never know what brand of bottle your baby will accept.

Bottle Brush

I never developed a preference for one bottle brush over another.  We purchased one brand for my house and another for my mother’s house. They both got the job done. You definitely want to make sure that the bottle brush comes with a nipple brush too.


I preferred the bandanna bibs. They absorbed a lot of drool while keeping her clothes dry.

Nursing Pillow

I had two different nursing pillows. My favorite by far was the my breast friend nursing pillow. If you plan to breastfeed, a nursing pillow is a necessity.


Diapers and Wipes

It’s impossible to know ahead of time which diapers will or won’t agree with your baby. In the beginning it may be better to go with a variety pack.

Health & Grooming Kit

This was an item that I initially didn’t think was important. After my baby developed cradle cap I was happy to have a grooming kit.


A must have for the winter season. I prefer humidifiers that allow you to use essential oils and are filterless.

Nasal Aspirator

The best invention ever is the NoseFrida. You won’t survive the winter without one!

Cotton Balls and Swabs

15 months later and I haven’t had a use for cotton balls. The recommendation is to not use q-tips in the ears as well. So there’s no need for cotton balls or swabs.


My baby never took a pacifier. Have a variety because you never know which one baby will latch on to.

Gentle Baby Detergent

My baby has eczema so a gentle baby detergent was a must have. I still use dreft to wash her clothes. You will wash tons of laundry so stock up on laundry detergent!


Infant Bathtub

When my baby was an infant I bathed her in the sink and I also traveled with this as well. Around 3 months we started using a bathtub that would grow with her. At 15 months, we are still using it.

Hooded Towels

You will see different recommendations on the amount of towels you should have. I say think about how often you want to do laundry and consider the fact that you shouldn’t bathe an infant daily. Use that as your guide.

Shampoo and Body Wash and Lotion

I purchased a variety of shampoos, body washes, and lotions for my baby. I absolutely loved how they smelled and then I discovered my baby had eczema. Hindsight is 20/20. Now I wish I would have just purchased hypoallergenic products from the beginning.


Soft washcloths are my favorite to use on babies. Again, think about how often you want to do laundry when determining how many to register for. I’ll tell you, I have a lot of washcloths and I’m glad I do!



I loved having a removable bassinet, changing table, a playard in one. This was one of my favorite gifts from my registry and one that is still used today.


Initially I didn’t register for a swing. I was gifted a mamaroo and I figured that was enough. My baby absolutely hated the mamaroo. She wasn’t a big fan of the swing at first either but eventually grew to love it and so did I.

High Chair

An experienced mom of two recommended my high chair to me and I love it. It grows with the baby and can recline as well. I used that feature when my baby fell asleep eating.


I was gifted a bouncer but my baby wasn’t a big fan of it. Some baby’s really love them though.


I was gifted with my bassinet. My baby would never sleep in it at night but did nap in it during the day.


My daughter is going to be a gymnast. She has loved jumping since she learned she could. She absolutely loved her jumper and still points to get in there now. It was definitely money well spent.


I never intended to co-sleep with my baby but she refused to sleep in her bassinet. To create a safe sleeping environment for all of us, I purchased a DockATot. I also used it when traveling to my parent’s house. It made for easy transport and was easy to wash.


I registered for gym that could be used for tummy time and when she was bigger. You will want some type of activity center to keep baby entertained.

What should I avoid putting on my baby registry checklist?

I was told not to register for baby clothing items and I didn’t. Let’s be honest, in your pregnancy excitement you’re going to purchase several clothing items on your own. Also, other people will automatically purchase baby clothes as well. I don’t regret not registering for baby clothes.

Some would say to avoid putting expensive luxuries on your baby registry. I disagree with this. Someone may splurge and buy it for you or they may not. Your registry isn’t only for your loved ones, it’s for you too! Don’t forget most registries come with a completion bonus. You can use that towards the items that are left on your registry, like those big ticket items!

I truly hope this guide has been helpful to you.

Have you started your baby registry yet? Let us know how it’s going below. 

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Baby Registry Must Have Items

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