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15 Best Outfits for Baby’s First Valentine’s Day 2020

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Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Can you believe it? Valentine’s day is right around the corner! Are you racking your brain trying to come up with ways to make it both memorable and special for your new baby?

It’s a little early to get them the traditional gifts or to create crafts. But there is another way to make it memorable!

Get your little one their very own baby’s first valentine’s day outfit.  Of course you’re going to need to take pictures because this is one memory you’ll want to hold on to!

I’ve taken the time to find nothing but the cutest baby valentine outfits around. But I must warn you! Hold on to your wallets because these adorable baby bodysuits and outfits are just so irresistible. 

Are you a boy mom? Don’t worry, there are a lot of options for little baby boys too! 

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Cute Baby Girl Valentine’s Day Outfit

Be prepared for cuteness overload! 

One of the best things about these outfits is that they are easily customized. You can choose to get everything you see pictured or you can decide to just get bits and pieces. 

Have you thought about having professional valentine photos taken? Every one of these outfits would work perfectly! 

1. xoxo baby romper

I’ve never seen anything like this and I think it’s lovely! There’s a great chance you won’t see many other babies wearing this on valentine’s day.


2. Baby's First Valentine's Day Outfit

This is just picture perfect! The sandles and matching headband really set this outfit off.

Now all you need is a camera and you can have your very own indoor photoshoot. 


3. Valentine heart shirt

How cute is this? Don’t you just want to gobble her up?


4. Baby Girl's First Valentine's Day Shirt

I’m a big fan of this first valentine’s day shirt but it’s the pants that make the outfit!


5. cute valentine's day dress for baby

This dress is awesome because it doesn’t scream valentine’s day. It can be worn for any occasion yet still make the perfect dress for the baby’s first valentine’s day. 

Baby Boy Valentine’s Day Outfit

I’m not a boy mom but several of my friends are. Shopping for clothes for their children is always a challenge. There just aren’t as many options as there are for girls. But, I stumbled across a lot of great finds for baby boy’s first valentine’s day. 

1. cutest valentine ever boy romper

Any baby boy would look so darn cute in this little outfit, especially with the hat. 


2. Stud Shirt for Baby Boy

I just can’t get enough of those pants and matching hat. This isn’t something you normally find with boys’ clothing but I’m loving it!


3. little boy valentine outfit

This outfit is versatile and is not just limited to valentine’s day. At the same time, it’s a great valentine’s day option. 


4. baby boy first valentine's day outfit

Now, this is just sooo adorable. It would pair easily with slacks or jeans


5.valentines day suspender outfit for boys

I’m a sucker for suspenders! This would look charming on a baby boy.


My First Valentine’s Day Bodysuits

Buying a valentine’s day bodysuit gives you a lot of flexibility. With these options, you aren’t limited to just valentine’s day. Your baby can wear them the entire month of February! In fact, you may find that some of these are generic enough to be worn all year long!

1.Baby's Valentine Day Shirt


Hooked on You Baby Shirt


3. You stole a pizza my heart valentine's day shirt


4. Sorry Boys My Kisses are For Daddy Valentine Shirt



5. Made with love baby shirt

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day Outfit

Buy one of these cute valentine’s day outfits or bodysuits and you’ll be all set for baby’s first valentine’s day! 

Which one was your favorite?


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