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25 Amazing Date Night Games for Couples

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Date night games to play at home

When was the last time you and your husband did something fun without the kids?

Better yet, when was your last date night?

I know date nights after kids aren’t as easy to come by. That’s why I’m here, to help you think outside the box!

The hours following the kid’s bedtime is perfect for squeezing in a fun at home date night. 

If you’re used to using this time to binge Netflix, watch movies,  or catch up on your favorite shows, try mixing it up. 

My absolute favorite at home date night activity is playing games. Yes, there are plenty of fun games to play with 2 people. 

In fact, today I’m going to share with you the best date night games for couples.

Keep in mind, all of these date night games won’t be PG. But, they are all meant to be enjoyable and allow couples to spend quality time together. ?

Pro Tip: If your baby or toddler isn’t sleeping through the night, check out what I used for my daughter!

Works like a charm ??


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Date Night Games for Couples that Make Great Conversation Starters

conversation starters for couples

How many times have you told yourself that you weren’t going to be THAT mom? You know, the mom that’s always talking about her kids and doesn’t have much else to add to the conversation. 

Let’s face it, our kids are a big part of our lives. Their constant growth and discovery of new abilities makes it hard to focus on anything else. If you aren’t careful, your kids will consume all of your conversations, especially the ones with your significant other. 

One of the date night rules is that you can’t talk about the kids! 

These games will help you get back to your adult conversations and have fun in the process. 

1. Our Moments

This game puts the focus back on the relationship. The questions are thought-provoking and help you learn things about your partner that you may have otherwise not known. 

2. Uncommon Questions

Some of the questions will be easy to answer but others will make you stop and really think. Your partner’s answers may surprise you. Be prepared to share both laughs and meaningful conversations. The great thing about this is that you can choose to do a couple each night or go through them all at one time. 

3. Intimacy Deck

Do you struggle with being vulnerable? The intimacy deck really opens the doors for deep and eye-opening conversations. You get to express your true feelings while connecting with your partner. 

4. The Ultimate Game for Couples 

Skip the boring surface-level questions and start having fun completing challenges and dares. That’s what happens when you play this game. You get to explore your boundaries and have a good time. 

This also makes a great date night game with other couples!

5. Date Night Box Set with Conversation Starters

I love this game because you get to choose the level of intimacy you desire. You have 3 choices: talking, flirting, are completing dares. Don’t worry, it’s not kinky. It’s more of an appetizer. 


Best Date Night Board Games

date night game night

Board games are a lot of fun but it’s rare that you find one that can be played with only two people. You shouldn’t have to have other couples in order to play a board game with your partner. So, I looked high and low until I found board games for couples wanting to have a fun date night. 

1. Azul

This game is all about strategy and quickly becomes very addicting. Rated game of the year in 2018, it’s a must have for a date night in!

2. Unsolved Case Files 

Want to create your own at home version of an escape room mystery?  Work together with your partner to become detectives and solve cold cases. Law and Order won’t have anything on the two of you!

3. Loopy

This is not your traditional board game! It’s full of spice and excitement. Your comfort zone will be tested but, you’ll have a lot of fun in the process!

4. Fog of Love

This game is literally like real life but you’re role playing. You’ll find a variety of story lines, different characters, and a slew of other options to truly build your character. Fog of Love is perfect for couples who want to spend quality time with each other while doing something different but fun. 

5. Backgammon 

This is a classic! If you’ve never played, you’ve got to give this a try. This is a good quality set that will last you a while. It’s also portable so you can play anywhere. 


Trivia Games for an At Home Date Night

Most people enjoy a good game of trivia. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to get your competitive juices flowing. These trivia games can be played with just the two of you or at a joint couples’ date night. 

1. Smart Ass

Fast paced game that really challenges your mind. If you’re short on time, this will be perfect. It goes by rather quickly. 

2. I Should Have Known That

You’ll find a range of different topics that’ll keep you on your toes and get your mind moving. Set your own rules and play for as long or as short as you desire. Don’t be so hard on yourself when you miss the questions you should have known!

3. Good Guess

This is a trivia game yes, but it’s also a good conversation starter. You don’t have to get everything right to win, you just need to have a great strategy in place! Be prepared to have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

4. Trivillennial

You guessed correctly! This is a trivia game for millennial couples but other generations will find it relevant as well. You’ll get a 1,000 questions all coming from different categories and taking you down memory lane. Don’t be surprised if you literally start laughing out loud. 

5. Everybody Knows!

Ready to test your knowledge and see how much you really know? This trivia game covers a ton of different generations and gives you a lot of flexibility. There are 500 questions and a 60 second timer. Up the ante and trade “favors” for points. It really makes things interesting. 


Printable Date Night Games

date night fun

Have you ever tried a printable game?

They allow you to be spontaneous and try something totally new. It’s convenient and provides a different experience.

These aren’t games you can buy off the shelf. They are created by people like us, who enjoy a good time and know how to deliver. 

1. Naughty Game

This designer created this game to be all about giving. The goal is to please your partner both mentally and sexually. Everything is not kinky, but some definitely are. If something makes you uncomfortable, just skip it. With 50 cards to choose from, you’ll find something that’s just your speed. 

2. Date Night Scattegories 

This is a clean but fun way to spend a date night in. How well do you really know your partner and how well do they know you? Find out with a game of date night scattegories! 

As a bonus you’ll also get a copy of a game called would you rather. 

3. Escape Room Game 

Have you ever wanted to try an escape room but just can’t find the time? Now you get to do one in the comfort of your own home. Work together with your partner to solve the riddle and “escape”. The difficulty level is 5-10. You won’t be bored and it won’t be overly difficult either. Get ready for boatloads of fun.

Save your time and challenge your other couple friends to try it too. See who gets out the fastest.

4. Couple Feud

This can be played with just the two of you or you can save it for a double date night in with other couples. Just like with Family Feud, you’ll have to think like most people in order to win. 

5. The Couples Game Date Night Printable 

This printable is actually 6 games in one and they are all a lot of fun. It’s designed to be competitive and test your relationship. You can finish the night off by using the included recipe to create a tasty dessert.   


Sexy Date Night Games for Couples

sexy date night games

It’s no secret that intimacy takes a big hit once kids enter the picture. Of course, it’s not intentional. It’s just hard to get time with only the two of you. On the rare occasion it does happen, you end up falling asleep. 

One way to avoid this is by making things exciting and unpredictable. These sexy date night games are sure to help!

1.Why Don’t We

I love this game! Take this game out when you don’t want to have to come up with things on your own. It’s set up like a meal. First, you get your ingredients to start your meal, then you have your main course, and finally, dessert! Don’t worry there’s an appetizer section too. There are specific cards to help break the ice and get you ready. Oh, I almost forgot the best part: this game comes with TOYS!!! I’m telling you everything you need for a passionate night of fun is in this box. You just have to bring yourself. Get your game here!

2. The Discovery Game

This is the perfect game if you are trying to get reacquainted with one another while taking your intimacy to another level. Be prepared for a fun night with lots of laughter and a deeper emotional connection. 

3. Bedroom Battle

This is a fun card game that allows couples to try new things and enjoy themselves in the process. Trust me, you won’t get bored! 

4.  Book of Dares

This game is packaged as an activity book filled with dares that vary in their level of “sexiness”. If you’ve become shy after becoming a mom, this is a great way to get your out of your shell. 

5.  XXXopoly

This is personally one of my favorite games. There is a lot of touching and kissing that leads to a bunch of teasing and perfect foreplay. Don’t be surprised if you never complete the game. I never have!

6. Fifty Nights of Naughtiness

This game comes with 50 different “naughty adventures”. Spread it out over the entire year and indulge in one adventure each week. Yes, things can get pretty steamy but there are also adventures that focus more on the romance aspect. Either way, this is a fun way to reignite the intimacy in your relationship after having a baby. 


Fun Date Night Games

Date Night a home fun

You have everything you need to have a fun date night at home. From conversation starters to trivia games, you and your partner will never run out of date night games.

Remember, most of these games can be enjoyed with other couples too. Don’t be afraid to host a date night game night with your friends that are also parents.

Put the kids to bed and let the games begin!

Need more date night ideas? Grab our list of 61 awesome date night ideas for busy parents!

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