The Baby Essentials Travel Checklist!

Travel Checklist: Baby Essentials Edition

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What to Pack When Traveling with an Infant: our travel checklist

Soon after deciding the details of our vacation, I started to become anxious about how I was going to pack for my daughter and myself to be away from home for five days!! I was traveling solo with Brie, so I needed to make sure I had enough without packing too much.

I wanted just the essentials, within easy access!

The most important things to me were having the essential items conveniently packed so that I could manage my luggage and my daughter without any assistance.

When all was said and done I had one large suitcase, a diaper bag, my pump bag, and a stroller.

I compiled a travel checklist of items that were essential for us, but allowed us to comfortably travel by plane.

My goal was to carry as few bags as possible since I would be pushing Brie through the airport alone. In my pre-baby days, I almost never paid to check a bag. (I think it is ridiculous of the airlines to charge for luggage, but I digress). Both Keyona and I packed one suitcase for both sets of clothing.

The travel checklist:

  • Clothes.

    I packed one main outfit for each day we were gone. I also packed three backup outfits and a couple onesies just in case of accidents. And I matched shoes and hair accessories for each outfit and rolled the outfit together.

    Keyona packed all of Kenz’s outfits in quart sized zip lock bags to make it easy for her to grab and go.

  • Toiletries.

    My daughter has sensitive skin and we use a specific combo of products on her. Baby specific products either irritate her skin or are not moisturizing enough for her.In an effort to save more space

    I purchased a mini toiletry kit, and filled it with all of her products that I had at the house (shampoo, hair moisturizers lotion, and body wash). This kit will also save us money for future trips because it is reusable and much cheaper than buying mini versions of products.

    I also included sunscreen and bug spray for our time in the parks.

  • Diapers and wipes.

    I packed one standard pack of diapers (around 30 diapers) and one pack of wipes for a five day trip. Don’t go overboard with the diapers and wipes because if you run out, you can purchase new ones while you are away.

  • Milk and food.

    Since I exclusively pump I had to travel with milk. I took enough milk to feed Brie for one day. I also made sure to keep up with my pumping schedule (that will be discussed during the next post). And I only took enough baby food to last one day.

    Keyona and I did do a store run to pick up more food and snack items for the children.

  • Pumping supplies.

    I had to carry my pump and all the necessary parts. Keyona did not carry her pump and feed Kennedy on demand.  If your trip includes separate time from your child, then it may be helpful to pack your pump and pump parts.

  • Wipes and Lysol spray.

    It wasn’t until I had to take my infant through an airport and on a plane, that I realized the numerous areas that a person can pick up germs. I packed a mini travel can of Lysol, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes to sanitize the surfaces that Brie would encounter; including the plane seat, rented car seats, and surfaces in the hotel room.

  • Backpack diaper bag.

    Prior to our trip I purchased a new diaper bag that I could wear on my back. I love this diaper bag because it had specific labeled compartments for common baby items, in addition to a large main compartment that I was able to pack additional items in. We also considered this one.

  • Small toys, tablet, and other entertainment.

    I limited the toys and entertainment I packed for Brie in an effort to save space. So I only used her tablet to entertain her while traveling to Florida and her toys when we arrived. I loaded the tablet with a bunch of free infant books, interactive apps, and children’s shows. I utilized my amazon prime subscription to download fee shows that could be watched offline.

  • Inflatable baby bathtub.

    Keyona purchased two inflatable infant tubs that allowed us to bathe the girls without putting them directly in the hotel bathtub. These tubs cost less than $20 and easily fit into our luggage.

  • Umbrella stroller.

    Keyona and I debated which kind of stroller we would take on the trip for the girls. We ultimately decided on umbrella strollers, which turned out to be a great decision. This will be discussed more during the next post.

  • Don’t forget bottles, sippy cups, and snack cups.

    The parks allow you to fill up reusable bottles with water.  I limited these items to what could fit in the designated areas of the diaper bag.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the packing process, without a travel checklist.

You don’t want to forget anything essential, especially when you are trying to determine what you need for an infant or toddler. I was able to feel less stressed during the packing process because I told myself that if I forgot something, I could go to the store or have it delivered to the hotel.

In the end, we had all of our essentials and did not overdo it with our bags.

What are the essentials on your travel checklist for babies?

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The baby essentials travel checklist! What you need to take when you travel with an infant.

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