19 Winter Baby Essentials for the Mom on the Go [Free Printable]

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Baby Essentials for Winter

Do you know what you need for baby this winter?

Chances are you received a lot of items from your baby registry. But did you know what to ask for to survive winter with a baby?

Depending on where you live winters can be harsh, mild, or pretty much non existent. If you do happen to live in a cold weather area, you may be starting to wonder “how do I keep my baby warm this winter?”.

I’ve been there and done that so you’re in luck!


You’re about to get my list of winter baby essentials. It’s a must have if you want to get through this winter with a warm and healthy baby. 

Be sure to click below and grab your winter baby essentials checklist, then you’ll be on your way!

FREE winter baby essentials checklist:

Winter Baby Essentials Checklist

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Winter Baby Must Haves

What’s considered a winter baby must have will change depending on the mom you talk to. I can be over the top at times but I’m also frugal with my money. I only buy what I think is absolutely essential. 

I’ve broken things down into 3 categories: winter baby essentials when out and about, newborn baby care in winter, and winter wear for babies. After going through each section you’ll know exactly what you must have to get through this winter season. 

Winter baby essentials when out and about

Let’s face it, at some point this winter you are going to leave home and your baby will be with you. It is important to make sure that you have everything you need for a comfortable experience for all involved. This is different from the essential baby items you keep in your diaper bag. Instead, these are items you’ll need to keep baby warm outside. Think about when you pick your baby up from daycare or when you go out for a bit of afternoon fun. Regardless of what the forecast predicts, you and your baby will be prepared!

Bunting Suit

Winter Baby Bunting Suit 

I had never heard of a bunting suit before having a baby but I quickly learned it was definitely a baby must have for even the mildest winter. There are two versions of bunting suits,  one like the one pictured above or this one. The second version may seem more appealing and convenient but it actually poses a safety risk.

The purpose of a bunting suit is to keep your baby warm while you transport him or her in the cold. They work really well when used correctly.  Just  make sure that you remove the suit before putting the baby in the carseat. If not, your baby won’t really be secured in the seat.  

Watch the video below to make sure you are following all the safe practices with your carseat this winter. 



Stroller Weather Shield 

Winter Baby Essential Insulated Stroller Cover

Do you plan on being out and about this fall and winter season? Then you’ll definitely want to get this stroller weather shield. It is made of both non-toxic and eco friendly fabric that protects babies from the blistering cold and keeps them warm. The only downside to this is that it is not waterproof (although it says it is). You definitely don’t want to use it if it’s raining outside because your poor baby will get soaked! 

But for other weather purposes, it works great!


Carseat Cover

Winter Baby Must Have Carseat Cover

One of the biggest advantages of using an infant carseat is that you can transport your sleeping baby in the seat. If you have to physically remove the baby from the carseat to put on a coat, you’ve defeated the whole purpose. That’s why I love this carseat cover. You simply attach it to the outside of the carseat, open the zippered opening, and place the baby inside.

It doesn’t interfere with the safety mechanisms of the carseat and it’s so easy to use.

The interior fleece material will keep your baby warm as you tackle the cold this winter. It comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with most seats. 


Baby Carrier

I’m a big proponent of baby wearing and I use my baby carrier in every season, especially winter!  Baby wearing allows you to  feel your baby and know if they are too warm or too cold and also provides a great level of comfort for the baby.

This is my favorite because it’s specifically made for all seasons. You don’t have to worry about your baby sweating in the summer or getting overheated in the winter. 

If you’ve never used a baby carrier before, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. You’ll find it extremely convenient especially if you’re a big shopper or you intend to travel during the holidays. It will allow you to get around the airport with your sleeping baby stress free. Wear it into the airport, through security, and getting your baby on the plane. It’s a life saver for sure. 


Baby Wearing Hoodie 

It’s hard to use a baby carrier outdoors in the winter while trying to keep you and your baby warm. If your coat is too bulky, it will be difficult to secure the baby properly. If you decide to wear the baby inside the coat, you risk suffocation. That’s why a baby wearing hoodie is a complete necessity for baby wearing moms in the winter. Don’t let the word hoodie mislead you, the fleece is very warm and it’s compatible with most carriers.

No more struggling to wear baby and having to use blankets to keep him or her warm. Now everyone can be warm and safe! Oh, and the best part, you can still wear this even if your baby isn’t with you. Simply remove the insert and it becomes a regular hoodie. 


Newborn baby care in winter

The winter season is also known as cold and flu season. This is the time period where babies can develop some of the most dreaded childhood illnesses. You want to be prepared and have the necessary resources if your baby does become sick. Make sure to keep these items handy:




A thermometer is a winter baby necessity. You want one that is accurate, easy to use, and doesn’t cause discomfort to your baby.

As a healthcare provider I prefer rectal temperatures on babies as I feel they are more accurate. However this thermometer  is accurate as well and very user friendly. It can be used on the forehead or in the ears.  The forehead probe doesn’t even have touch the baby! All you do is aim the probe towards the center of the forehead and viola, you have a temperature.

I love the fact that you can take your sleeping baby’s temperature without fear of waking them up.  How cool is that?




The heat we use to warm our cold homes during the winter also makes the air we breath very dry. For a baby, dry air can make breathing uncomfortable and leave them feeling stuffy and congested. The best thing we can do for them is to use a humidifier to add moisture back to the air. 

Take my word for it, you’ll have a very difficult winter if you decide against a humidifier! 

The Vick’s mini cool mist humidifier is my favorite (and I have tried several!). It’s compact but mighty, doesn’t use a filter, and has a designated spot for Vick’s VapoPads (which you can’t use until your baby is older). 

This compact device will save your sanity and help your baby sleep comfortably. 


Nasal Aspirator 


For years the only way to clear your baby’s  nose was to use a bulb aspirator. They got the job done ok I guess, but it never seemed to completely clear all of the mucous. And you had to worry about causing irritation for the baby. 

That’s all changed now that the NoseFrida Snotsucker is here. The name sounds gross and when you learn how to use it, you’ll be disgusted again. But, when you see the instant relief it gives your baby, all of a sudden being a snot sucker wont sound so bad. 

So, how does this work?

Basically you’ll be the vacuum behind clearing your baby’s nose. Don’t worry though, there’s a filter that keeps what comes from baby from getting back to you. 


Winter wear for babies

It’s important to remember that babies aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures the way we do so we have to help them out. Layers will be your friend. You want to keep the baby warm when they are outside in the cold but you don’t want them to over heat once they are inside. By using layers, you are able to keep baby comfortable in all settings. 

Just as it important to keep baby warm it also important to not overheat your baby. SIDS is a risk all year long but the risk is intensified in the winter. Make sure you familiarize yourself with a SIDS prevention checklist! If you don’t have one, you can grab one here.

Baby Winter Essentials

Now you know all of the baby winter products you’ll need to survive winter with a baby!

I know being a mom can be scary and overwhelming especially when dealing with things you’ve never experienced before. When it comes down to it, you don’t want to mess this up! In the words of John Wooden, “Confidence comes from being prepared.”. You’ve got this Momma, just be sure to grab your winter essentials baby checklist below and you’ll be confident and prepared for whatever winter brings your way!

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Winter Baby Must Have Essentials

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