Christmas Countdown Calendar Printable for Families [free printable]
Free printable advent calendar activities

Free Printable Advent Calendar Activities for Families

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Usually I’m annoyed when I walk into a store in October and see Christmas decorations. But something is different this year. I’ve caught the Christmas bug early!

And there’s a good reason, my two year old. She is very aware of what’s happening around her and for all intents and purposes, this will be her first “REAL” Christmas. I can’t help but want to make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible. 

I’m not talking about buying a bunch of toys and other gifts, I’m strictly talking about experiences. But you have to be realistic. 

The truth is it’s hard as a working mom to keep up with work, stay on top of family life, and then try to come up with ways to make the holidays special. So, I created a printable countdown to Christmas advent calendar as a stress free way to make the holidays bright! Be sure to grab yours below.


Printable Countdown to Christmas: 

Free printable advent calendar activities


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Fun Christmas Countdown Ideas


Christmas Countdown Calendar Printable

A Christmas countdown is a fun way to maximize the holiday experience without taking away the excitement of Christmas.

Some people do this by using an advent calendar which is usually a 3D object with pockets, marking the days leading up to Christmas. Each pocket then holds a small gift, allowing the recipient a gift a day until Christmas arrives.

I thought it would be fun to put a twist on the traditional advent calendar box and go with a printable advent calendar instead. This way the focus could be on fun Christmas activities and not on actual gifts. But, you can use them both together, especially if you have multiple children. 

I definitely intend to incorporate a fillable Christmas advent calendar as my daughter gets older. It will be exciting to create or buy themed advent calendars based on her interests at the time.  

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advent calendar activity ideas


How Does a Christmas Countdown Calendar Work

A Christmas countdown calendar is something you want to put together before December 1st.

Your official countdown will begin on the first day of December and end on Christmas day. Each day or evening, you and your family will complete the chosen activity for that day, cross it off, and wait excitedly for the next day’s event until you finally reach Christmas.

A Christmas countdown printable is so much fun because it gives you added time with your family over the holiday season.  Everyone looks forward to each day and the magic of Christmas is felt all month long. Instead of lasting just one day, Christmas becomes 25 days. Before you know it, your children will no longer be asking “how many days until Christmas” because they’ll be so caught up in enjoying each day’s activity. 


Christmas Countdown Ideas

Once you make the decision to do a Christmas countdown, you have to decide what activities to include. 

But first, you should really think about your time and factor in any work or home obligations. You want to make sure that you have time for your advent calendar activity ideas to truly make it special. 

If you decide to use my Christmas countdown calendar printable, I’ve already picked the activities for you. They were chosen keeping in mind your dual roles as a working mom. Of course, you are free to use some of my ideas as well as come up with some of your own. 

A good way to come up with ideas of your own is to think about the family Christmas traditions you want to continue and the new ones you want to incorporate.  Choose which day you will do each tradition and you’ll be well on your way. 


Countdown Calendar Template

Christmas 2019 Countdown Calendar Template

If you want, you can grab a blank 2020 Christmas countdown calendar template and create your own printable advent calendar. 

Countdown to Christmas Printable 

December will be here before you know it. Make sure you get your free countdown to Christmas printable, sing up below.  This could be the start of a new family tradition!


What are you going to put on your Christmas countdown calendar?

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