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13 Best Gender Neutral Toys for 18 Month Olds

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Gifts for 18 month old 2019

18 months can be a fun but tricky age. Your baby is gone and has been replaced by a toddler!!!

Can you believe it?

That went by super fast!

Gone are the days where they would stay where you put them. Now you even have to be careful about what you’re watching around them. If you pay attention, you’ll notice they are watching everything you do and slowly trying to mimic it. It’s important to encourage that behavior and allow them the freedom to explore.

As your toddler continues to grow, you may start thinking of items that will aid in their development. Their baby toys  may no longer be appropriate. At this stage language skills, movement, social development, emotional development, and cognitive skills are the focus.

The best toys for 18 month olds are those that allow your child to have fun while also fostering growth. Of course, some things will be just for fun and there is nothing wrong with that!

Check out this list of 18 month old gift ideas. It’s filled with both classic gifts and toys any 18 month old would enjoy. These items will allow your toddler to have fun, use their imagination, and help them grow socially, emotionally, and cognitively!

Best part, these are gender neutral gift ideas. They are perfect gifts for 18 month old boys and girls.

Oh, and there’s something in it for you too! You’ll get a few minutes of peace while your toddler enjoys their new gifts.

Toddler Gift Ideas

Shopping for other toddlers too?

Be sure to check out what to buy a 1 year old and what to buy a 2 year old girl. These gifts are perfect for any occasion. Use the lists for birthdays gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas, and just because gifts!

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Best Toys for 18 month olds

1. Giddy-Up and Play Activity Horse

My daughter loves this horse! She loves listening to the neighs the horse makes. I love that it has a lot of sensory attachments and keeps her entertained! This is something she can play with for a while.  

2. Pop Blocs Farm Animals


This is one of my favorite toys for an 18 month old. Not only does it appeal to a toddler’s imagination, but it also helps builds dexterity and recognition.

It’s a hands on and screen free activity that can entertain your little one for years to come. So,  don’t worry about them outgrowing it too soon. It’s going to be around for a while. 

Your 18 month old will enjoy it because they’ll be able to pull the animals apart. In the beginning, they may experience difficulty putting the animals back together but that’s where dexterity comes in. It’s another reason why these animals are enjoyed well into preschool. 

As parents you can’t take things even further and start using the pop blocs animals to teach animal sounds! Your baby will be delighted! 

If you’re a busy, on the go mom, these animals will fit perfectly in your diaper bag too. 


3. Tickle Me Elmo 

Tickle Me Elmo is a childhood classic. It helps with both social and emotional development. Your little one is going to love this so much that you should consider getting two. Keep one at home and one at Grandma’s house.


4. Feed Me Cookie Plush

This Cookie Monster helps encourage imaginative play and expression as well as helps with social and emotional development. All things we went to see in our toddlers.

Is your toddler constantly trying to feed his or her toys? If so, this gift is perfect. Now they’ll actually have a toy they can feed without making a mess!

Oh, and Cookie Monster will talk once you put the cookie in his mouth but it’s not too loud so no worries there. 


5. Cozy Coupe

The Cozy Coupe provides a great opportunity for your little one to imitate Mom and Dad driving. Their imagination can run wild as they use this indoors or outdoors.  

We were first introduced to this at daycare. My daughter is just as entertained pushing it around as she is driving it. It’s a very popular item as all the toddlers seem to want to play with it, making it a must have for 18 month olds. 


6. EZ Fold Wagon 

At 18 months, your little one is seeking their independence but is still up for a good ride. This wagon can be used at parks, around the neighborhood, at the zoo and outdoor shopping expos. It also comes in handy on Halloween when your toddler gets tired of walking.

If you are an on the go family, this is perfect. The wagon is easily folded and transported wherever you want to go. There is space for two with safety straps included as well as 4 cup holders. So, it’s also perfect for tailgating!

We have had ours for years and my daughter still loves it.


7. Minnie Mouse Electric Ride On 

Most power toys require your toddler to be 3 or older. Here is a great alternative that allows your child to ride, but safely.

It’s very easy to assemble. In fact on Christmas morning we realized Santa forgot to put it together and were able to do it before the little one woke up. Just make sure you charge it ahead of time!

Keep in mind, this is meant for riding on cement, not grass. It’s not too fast but not too slow, which makes it one of the best toys for 18 months.


8. Kid Trax CAT Electric Ride On

You don’t have to wait until summer to allow your toddler to have fun with ride on toys. This can be used both indoors and outdoors!

The engine sounds and lights will give them the real life feel. Girls love this just as much as little boys.

9. Corner Playhouse 

A playhouse is a great way to let a toddler use their imagination and be creative. Another plus is that this one doesn’t take up much room. It can hold your child’s attention until they are older for the bigger play houses and kitchen sets.

10.  Toddler Recliner 

Have you heard your toddler say “Mine” yet? They are very territorial at this age and love to have their own things. A chair is no different. Your little one will love having their own seat and imitating Dad! I like this because it’s not your average 18 month old toy, its functional too. 

11. Sit and Spin 

The Sit and Spin is great for the energetic toddler! It also helps with balance and coordination.

12. Rocking Horse

Another childhood classic! This rocking horse will make a great addition until your toddler is big enough for the more traditional horses. This doesn’t have the sensory attachments that come up with giddy-up horse but that fact that it rocks is enough. 

13. Teddy Wear Toddler Learning Toy

Are you trying to nurture skills in your little toddler? This teddy bear does that and more and makes a great 18 month old Christmas gift. It comes with buttons, zippers, buckles, and laces. All things that will help your toddler with fine motor, gross motor, and sensory skills. 

You just wait! If they have started yet, in just a little while they’ll be trying to take all of their clothes off. Now, they can just take off Teddy’s. 

Don’t forget, it’s still a teddy bear so it will also appeal to your 18 month olds emotional side too!  

Developmental toys for 18 month old

Incase you haven’t noticed, these gift ideas are all electronic free, giving your child the opportunity to be creative and use their imagination.  This upgrades the list and makes the gift items must have toys for 18 month olds.

Watch your 18 month old explore their environment and develop socially and cognitively. This gift guide provides good ole’ fashioned fun!  Use it to give your toddler gender neutral toys that he or she can enjoy for years to come!

What are you buying your 18 month old this Christmas? Share with us below.

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18 thoughts on “13 Best Gender Neutral Toys for 18 Month Olds”

  1. Thanks for helping me narrow down what I need to suggest to the grandparents for my 15 month old. Coming up with Christmas gift ideas creates a struggle to suggest quality toys over quantity.

    1. I know the feeling! At that age it is best to have things that can grow with them. I’m also a huge fan of quiet toys!!! I’m sure you can relate 🙂

  2. I love that you are rocking the gender-neutral gift ideas! We are past this age group, but I can tell you that the wagon you suggested is a MUST HAVE! That was one of our favorites!

    1. I’m all about being practical. I want to have more kids one day and who knows what gender they will be. I need toys that can be items that can be passed down!

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