5 Best Gratitude Journals for Thanksgiving

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Best gratitude journal for beginners

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or any other normal day, practicing gratitude always keeps us grounded. Even in this time of struggle, we are so blessed to be alive and have everything that we need.

It’s super normal to take things for granted and forget how much we prayed for them. Practicing gratitude creates a feeling of humbleness and lets us attract more of what we want. I love practicing gratitude during my journal session, it totally brings all the positive vibes back.

You may be grateful for your health or your home or your loving family. Writing this down creates a total mindset shift and makes it difficult for you to take them for granted in the future.

If you are new to journaling for gratitude,  you can get started by writing down three things you’re grateful for.  Studies have shown that when you specifically write about what you’re thankful for, it makes you happier.

For instance, we may always write in our gratitude journal that we are grateful for our husband. However, when you are specific and write why you are grateful for him, your love grows to new levels. This helps you continue to have a joyful and peaceful home as well as a happy marriage. 

I am a huge fan of gratitude journals even when it’s not close to the Thanksgiving holiday. So, I’m going to list some of my favorite journals for gratitude. They are great even if you’re a beginner to gratitude journals. 

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The best gratitude journal for Thanksgiving 

  1. Good days start with gratitude – A 52-week gratitude journal to practice the attitude of gratitude


This is the first journal that I ever brought to practice gratitude and it in fact is super comprehensive and sure to make you feel great about yourself. You definitely need this gratitude journal if you’re looking for something you can use the whole year-round.

Grab this super affordable journal from here.


  1. Zen as f*ck journal


This journal is totally based on mindfulness and bringing calmness into your life. When you practice gratitude you need to be mindful of what you’re thankful for. I loved the thought behind this journal and it’s definitely a steal.

Grab this beauty from here.


  1. Day and night reflection Journal – 90 days gratitude journal


This journal will help center your day around positive feelings and gratitude. It’s the perfect place to record and celebrate anything that you are grateful for and to preserve important memories.

This 90-day journal gives you a path to creating a habit of daily gratitude that you can carry with you throughout your life.

Grab this journal from here.


  1. Start with gratitude – A five minutes daily journal


This journal will help you do just what it says, start your day with gratitude. It will help you start your day happy, filled with gratefulness and appreciation for the positive things (big or small) in your life. Starting the day with this 5-minute journal will re-center you and provide balance and positivity to your life.

Get your copy of this beautiful journal from here.


  1. The one-minute gratitude journal


Cultivating an attitude of gratitude yields many benefits: physical, mental, and spiritual. In this Journal, you have the flexibility to write down the dates of entry and not feel guilty if you miss a day. There are also pages in this journal where you can just draw something beautiful.

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for what one has. Write down three to five things you are grateful for in this beautiful gratitude journal and turn your ordinary moments into blessings.

You can buy a copy of this journal from here.


Getting started with gratitude 

Practicing gratitude should be introduced to kids right from the start of their childhood.


So when they grow up they will be humbled and already realize that they’re truly blessed. It’s also something you can do together as a family or just as a mom and child bonding activity. 

Just remember, you can’t go wrong with any of the gratitude journals talked about today for Thanksgiving or otherwise. 


What are you grateful for and excited to write down in your gratitude journal for Thanksgiving?

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