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30 Must Have Easter Basket Stuffers for Toddlers

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Easter basket ideas for toddlers

Overwhelmed by Easter stuff?

If you’re a working mom, Easter can be stressful because, on top of your regular work and home responsibilities, you now have to also come up with ideas to make Easter special and memorable for your little ones. 

That’s why today is all about Easter basket ideas for toddlers: which basket to buy, what to do with it, and what to put in it. 

We will help you come up with the best Easter basket stuffers for toddlers that aren’t candy but that your child will still enjoy!

The best part, these DIY Easter baskets for toddlers are a breeze to create. You just wait!

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Toddler Sitting Next to Easter Basket


Easter presents for toddlers

First things first. Will this be your first year playing the Easter Bunny? 

It’s so different when you’re on the other side! There’s so much to think about. 

Will the Easter basket be their only present or will they be receiving additional items? 

I know what you’re thinking, it’s Easter, not Christmas!

But some families like to use Easter as a time to celebrate spring and give gifts that encourage outside play. 

If you’re thinking about giving other Easter presents along with the Easter basket but have no idea what to get, here are a few ideas:

Best Easter gifts for toddlers

Push Lawn Mower

Outdoor Explorer Kit

Little Tikes T-Ball Set

Magnet Building Tiles

Kids Gardening Tools

Water Table

Personalized Painted Egg

These are Easter gifts that can be enjoyed by toddler boys and toddler girls for years to come. It will keep them occupied while you get to sit down and just look on. 

Now, back to the basket.

You’ll also need to decide how to present the Easter basket. Will it be hidden, magically appear at a certain time of the day, or will they get it as soon as they wake up?

Our tradition is to hide it.

Most toddlers will catch on to the idea of searching for eggs rather quickly so they may enjoy hunting for their Easter basket as well. If you have older children that can join in on the hunt, it could be a lot of fun. 

Either way, it’s helpful to think about these things now because they will play a role in how you DIY your toddler’s Easter basket. 


Best Easter basket ideas for toddlers

Do you already know where you’re going to get your Easter basket?

This is my favorite one! I love that it can be personalized and then used to help reinforce letter recognition and name recognition (I’m always looking for learning opportunities, even when we’re just having fun). 

It’s not too big and not too small making it perfect for toddler-sized hands. The canvas material makes it extremely durable so they’ll be able to play with it long after Easter is over.

Even if you decide to use something else for your official Easter basket, this will work perfectly for Easter egg hunts. 

If you want a personalized basket but don’t want to make it yourself, you’ll definitely enjoy one of these

For other unique Easter basket options, Micheals is a great place to check out. 

Remember, the best Easter basket for toddlers is the one that is big enough to hold the Easter stuffers you want to use, light enough for them to be able to pick up, and allows you to make your personal touches. 

easter basket stuffers for toddlers


Easter basket stuffers for toddlers

This is the fun part, coming up with toddler Easter basket fillers. 

It’s hard not to go overboard because there are just too many things to choose from.

I like to start by looking in the dollar section at Target because they never disappoint. No matter what the holiday is, they have something your kid will love!

From there, I go to the Dollar Tree. This works especially great if you have multiple baskets to create. 

For the most part I’m able to find some pretty decent Easter basket fillers from those two stores alone. But then, I need a little something more to make the basket extra special. 

Now I’m going to share with you what to put in a toddler Easter basket to take it from blah to something they wont want to put down!

To make this easier for you, everything is divided into Easter basket ideas for toddler boy and Easter basket ideas for toddler girls. This way you aren’t left to figure out who to get each stuffer for. 

Let’s get started! 


Easter basket ideas for toddler boy

1. Dinasour eggs with dinosaur building blocks

2. Cartoon RC race cars This would make a great first remote control car

3. Soft foam sports balls

4. Bubble gun  This will fit perfectly in his basket and give him instant fun!

5. Truck coloring book

6. Dual hockey sticks He’ll be able to play with these indoor and outdoor! 

7. Crocs

8. Pajama set

9. Toolbox This is every little boy’s dream and can be a fun way to bond with Dad.

10. Let’s go fishing The whole family can join in on this. It’s definitely a favorite in my house!


Easter basket ideas for toddler girl

1. Stuffed bunny 

2. Bunny binoculars This gift is really gender-neutral and can be enjoyed by all. 

3. Lip smacker lippy pal  Little girls absolutely love this!

4. Memory game 

5. Drawing board You get multiple items so it’s perfect if you have more than one child. 

6. Princess dress Don’t be surprised if she never wants to take it off. 

7. Schoolbag

8. Rainboots  A must-have item if your child is into Peppa Pig!!!!

9. Squishies

10. Reusable sticker pad


What to put in a toddler’s Easter basket

There are some classic toddler Easter basket stuffers that I couldn’t leave out!

Once you’ve gotten your main basket items, refer to this for fillers to make your Easter basket really pop.

1. Sunglasses

2. Bath bombs

3. Bath paint

4. Bath toys

5. Playdough

6. Bubbles

7. Whistles

8. Chalk

9. Flash cards

10. Bedtime book 

a collage of DIY easter baskets for toddlers


Homemade Easter basket for toddlers

Now you have everything you need to make your own DIY Easter basket complete with the best Easter basket stuffers for toddlers! The Easter bunny won’t be able to compete with you.

To step it up a notch, once you have your basket fillers in place, take some clear or colored cellophane wrap, wrap it around the basket, and secure it in place with a big bow!

Don’t forget to check out this personalized Easter basket. It’s just what you need for the many Easter egg hunts this Easter season!


Hi! I’m Keyona, a full-time working mom of an energetic toddler girl. I love helping moms feels less overwhelmed by simplifying motherhood and helping them maintain their sense of identity.

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