10 Fun and Easy Preschool Christmas Crafts To Do Together

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Christmas craft ideas your kids will love 

Kids love Christmas – if you have kids of your own, you know this for sure. They get presents from people, they can eat as many sweets as they want and watch really great classic Christmas movies. 

But you know what they like more than all of that? Spending time with you! 

They love helping out with Christmas decorations and creating Christmas crafts together. If you’ve never done Christmas crafts as a family before, you can add it to your list of Christmas traditions starting this year!   

If you are not a crafty person, this may seem more like a chore than something fun to do with your preschooler.  But you don’t have to worry anymore – Crafts can be painless and fun for you as a parent as well. To help you get you started, here are some easy preschool Christmas crafts that your little one will love. 


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Christmas craft ideas for preschoolers supply list

A lot of non crafty moms get worked up about doing crafts because they think they need all of these different tools to make things happen. You see the moms on YouTube creating these fantastic Christmas crafts with their Cricut in their fabulous craft rooms and you think “I could never pull that off“. And so you give up before you even try. 

Well, that ends today. You and you preschooler will be able to create drool-worthy Christmas crafts using only the following tools: 

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Colored Pencils
  3. Washable Paint Sticks
  4. Paper Plates
  5. Safety Scissors
  6. Glue

That’s it, that’s all you’ll need to pull off our Christmas craft ideas for preschoolers. 

Construction paper Christmas crafts for preschoolers

Mini paper Christmas trees

mini christmas trees to color and decorate

Every year my daughter wants to help decorate the Christmas tree but I love for my Christmas trees to look impeccable. We all know a tree decorated by a preschooler will be anything but impeccable. 

So, I compromised by buying her one of these that she can decorate herself. We will do the same thing this year but in the effort of doing more Christmas crafts together, we will also be making our own mini trees that she can also decorate herself.

You can draw some trees on construction paper (or use this) and cut them for your children. You can even teach them to make some of their own by watching this online tutorial. Then they can spend hours decorating the tree in any way they want.

If you want to take this Christmas craft to the next level, you can try doing this too


Paper Santa and reindeer hats

If your kids love to dress up and mimic their favorite characters, this can be a great craft idea for them. As we all know, Santa Claus and his reindeer are like one of the main attractions of Christmas. Kids, especially preschoolers, are absolutely crazy about them. 

You can help your child to make some simple reindeer hats from paper. These are really easy to make and it won’t get you or your child messy as well. Though you can always give them some paint brushes to make the hats more fun to look at. 

Here is how you make the perfect paper Santa hat with construction paper. 

If you aren’t really artistic and want something that’s foolproof, make things easier on yourself and grab this Santa hat template and then get this reindeer hat template


Make a cute paper wreath for the front door or their bedroom door

paper christmas wreath toddler craft

Wreaths are also a huge part of the Christmas decorations. They are nice to look at and add just a nice little touch to show your festive readiness. This is once again a mess-free craft idea you can use with your preschooler. 

Now there are a number of different ways in which your kids can make a wreath. They can use an old paper plate or even a circle cardboard cutout. Don’t forget, you can even add some bows or little ornaments to make it look more unique and beautiful.



Preschool Christmas ornament crafts


DIY Christmas ornaments

preschool christmas ornament craft

DIY Christmas ornaments are definitely in fashion as of now as they are often very easy to make and also don’t take up a lot of your time. 

The material you want your kids to use to make these completely depends on your own choice. You can use paper, cardboard, wood, etc to make and decorate them with different tools.

You can make creating Christmas ornaments one of your many  Christmas traditions and put each creation on the tree year after year.  Even if your tree is very particular, making ornaments is a part of Christmas decorations that you can let your preschooler help you with. 

Need some ideas to pull this off?

Salt dough Christmas ornaments 

Mason jar lid photo ornament 

Handprint Reindeer Christmas ornament 


Christmas craft ideas for preschoolers 


Christmas garland to decorate your house

preschooler making Christmas garland for a holiday craft

Now, these are something that will greatly interest your child of any age group. Garlands can be used to decorate any parts of your house like the hallway, the banisters on the stairs, the fireplace, etc. 

If this is a craft idea you decide to do with preschooler, you can teach them how to cut out small Christmas tree shapes and string them together to make a garland.

You can even go a step further and use other Christmas related themes for these garlands. Think Reindeer, snowflakes, and even elves. 

Don’t forget to ask your kids for suggestions. Part of the fun is having your preschooler come up with their own ideas on what to use to make garlands for Christmas. 

Another idea is you make the garland and then let them decorate it.  

This is the one we will try this year. 


Santa Claus or Christmas Tree decorations for windows

Christmas stickers for holiday decorating

Do you like to go all out with your Christmas decor?

Well, guess what?

All the windows in your house also need to be decorated in some kind of way. You can get your kids to decorate them for you and that will keep them occupied for a good amount of time. 

You can find some themed stickers or you can make some stickers with your kids at home. Then, take the stickers and stick these on the windows. If you make them or buy them, either way this can be a fun Christmas activity for them. At the same time, you get the windows in your house decorated so it’s a win-win for you either way. 


Themed greetings cards

DIY preschool Christmas Cards

Though greeting cards are a bit old fashioned, they are still a cute little addition you can make when you send out Christmas presents to family or friends living away from you. Also, they are one of the best and easiest craft ideas for preschoolers as well.

Greeting cards are something kids can easily make on their own with very little help from their parents. They also enable your child to let their creative juices flow freely and come up with different designs for their cards. 

The beauty in creating cards is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s just a great way to have fun. 

Check out these easy DIY Christmas cards for preschoolers


Thumb printing drawings for Christmas

Christmas finger painting

Kids of all ages absolutely love painting or drawing in general. You can take advantage of this fact and use their painting skills for craft time this season.

Now you might say, thumb painting doesn’t really need actual drawing skills. And yes,  you are right about that and that makes it even better for preschoolers. Your kids will love dipping their fingers in the paint and smear it on the paper.

Another win for finger painting is that it also doesn’t require a lot of preparation to set up. So this is a quick and on the whim Christmas craft for preschoolers. 


Let them create their own Christmas stockings

coloring Christmas stockings

Stocking stuffers are just as fun for kids as the other presents they get from people. Though you can easily buy stockings in a store, it would be more fun to create some with your child. 

After you see how much they enjoy this activity, creating Christmas stocking will be on your list of things to every holiday season. 

The best way to make Christmas stockings is to print templates of stockings and then let your child color on them.  Then you can stick two pieces together to make an actual handmade stocking.

Another idea is to get a blank stocking from the Dollar Tree and then allowing your preschooler to decorate that. 

You can’t go wrong either way. 


Christmas bags and wrapping paper for present wrapping

DIY christmas wrapping paper

Most kids below the age of say ten don’t really know how to wrap a present properly. But you can make some customized wrapping paper with them to make them think they helped you out. 

If wrapping is not your thing, think about using bags instead. You can create your own bags and decorate them using colored pencils, markers, stamps or whatever else you have on hand. This will elevate your gift bag and make it look exciting and unique.

This is another one of those things that don’t really require your preschooler to do a lot of work yet looks absolutely beautiful once they are done making it. 

Need a guide for making wrapping paper or gift bags? Here is what I use. 


Preschool Christmas arts and crafts

This holiday season, remember it’s not the presents under the tree that your preschooler will remember most. Instead, it will be the wonderful time they had with you creating fun memories and Christmas arts and crafts.

Of course, you don’t have to do every Christmas craft idea we suggested with your preschooler but you may be tempted after seeing how much your child loves and how fun it is for both of you.

Remember, you can always come up with your own creative ideas or take some suggestions from your kids as well. I hope that these easy preschool Christmas crafts adds a little something special to your Christmas this year!

If crafts are something you plan on doing more of with your kids in the future, be sure to look into getting one of these. You won’t regret it!


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