Must Have Gifts for Someone Who Just Found Out They are Pregnant

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Looking for pregnancy gifts?

It can be challenging trying to decide what gift to give a pregnant woman. Should you send flowers, buy a card, or get them something they can actually use? 

Pregnant women, just like anyone else, just appreciate the sentiment behind what you’re trying to do for them. But just in case you’re still nervous about what to buy, let’s go over the best gifts for someone who just found out they are pregnant! Don’t worry, they are all budget-friendly and won’t break the bank!

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Gifts for someone who just found out they are pregnant 

1 Something to wear

Pregnant women like to share their great news but sometimes they want people to figure it out without them having to tell them. Since it’ll take a while before their baby bump becomes obvious, a shirt could be the perfect gift. Here are 2 of my favorite pregnancy announcement shirts to gift:

Gift for someone who just found out they are pregnantGift for someone who just found out they are pregnant


2. Something to keep track of the experience

Every pregnancy is different and special in its own right. It’s nice to have somewhere to keep track of all of your feelings and emotions and being able to reflect on them later. Mom to be probably isn’t thinking about this now, but she’s going to love you for getting it for her. Here are my 2 favorite pregnancy journals: 

Personalized pregnancy journal by Little Planner Studio. 

gift for someone who just found out they are pregnant







This is the perfect pregnancy journal because it allows mom to track her pregnancy journey and keep up with the different pregnancy milestones. This personalized journal covers everything from ultrasound and bump pictures to handprints and footprints. It’s very detailed and doesn’t leave out anything!

Hello Little Mama Pregnancy Journal by Blossom and Pear 

gift for someone who just found out they are pregnant







Expecting mothers will love this because it’s a pregnancy journal, diary, and planner all in one. With over 136 pages, it provides mom with shopping lists, weekly updates, and a place to write a letter to her little bundle of joy. You can’t go wrong with this!


3. Something to Read

Mom to be is bound to have the pregnancy bible so don’t worry about buying her that. Instead, get her something the will make her laugh out loud as she learns what’s to come in her pregnancy journey. That’s exactly what will happen with Belly Laughs Aside from making mom laugh, this book will also help her to see she’s not the only one experiencing what she’s going through. 



4. Something to Do

The pregnant momma in your life is going to want to get her hands on anything she can that’s pregnancy related. A pregnancy activity book is a perfect gift to make her feel like she’s doing something related to her pregnancy and having fun at the same time. 


5. Something to relieve early pregnancy symptoms  

Morning sickness, or all day sickness as it should be called, can be really rough for expecting mothers. Not to mention, it’s something they can see again in their third trimester. They will love you forever when you show up with this package that’s known to relieve morning sickness in a matter of seconds! Don’t worry it’s approved for morning sickness and recommended by OBGYNs. 



6. Something to stay on top of water intake 

Drinking water is going to be really important for mom as she progresses through her pregnancy. But drinking water can become boring very quickly. Why not make it fun for her with a cute bottle that actually keeps track of her water intake.

gift idea for someone who just found out they are pregnant








7. Something to pamper herself

You want mom to feel as special as she really is. Get her something like this box of pampering essentials to help her sit back, relax, and enjoy her special time. It has everything from body creams, candles, and bath bombs. All the things mom needs for the ultimate pampering session. 

best gift to give someone who just found out they are pregnant








8. Something to help her prepare for motherhood

One of the hardest things about pregnancy, especially in the early days, is not being able to feel or see anything that’s happening inside of you. A way to help mom through that period is to get her prenatal class. This way she knows exactly what’s happening even if she can’t see it or feel it. It’s a great way to keep her anxiety level down and help her feel comfortable with what’s happening with her body. A prenatal class like this one is good for mom, dad, and the growing baby. 

prenatal class gift for someone who just found out they are pregnant







9. Something that does it all 

Maybe a DIY pregnancy gift basket isn’t your thing. And I get it! It can get pricey trying to get enough stuff to fill an entire basket. The good news is that you can still get mom an awesome basket filled with things she’ll love without paying an arm and a leg. Oh and you won’t have to go around trying to find different items to put in it either. Everything is done for you. Here are my two favorite pregnancy gift baskets for a mom to be:

Pregnancy Gift Set


Ultimate Pregnancy Gift Box 

gift to buy someone who just found out they are pregnant








10. Something that keeps on giving 

Have you ever been pregnant? For the expecting mom, it seems waaaay longer than just 40 weeks. Give her a gift that shortens her wait, something she can look forward to on a regular basis. You do the initial work up front and mom gets a gift from you every month until the baby is born. How sweet is that? Check out my absolute favorite pregnancy subscription box

pregnancy subscription box gift for someone who just found out they are pregnant







This box is awesome because mom will receive 6-8 full-sized pregnancy-safe items each month. The items chosen are done with her due date in mind and are things that will be very helpful during her pregnancy. The best part is seeing this momma be so excited month after month knowing it’s because of you! How awesome is that?

You can check out other loved pregnancy subscription boxes here


What to buy a mother to be 

Now you know exactly what gift to give someone who just found out they are pregnant.  You can use all of the gift ideas to create a really special gift or combine some of the suggestions with some of your own. Don’t forget to refer to this post from time to time when someone else in your life becomes pregnant because now you’re a pro!

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  1. I love the idea that you can get something like a journal for a pregnant women so they can jot down their feelings. My sister is going through her first pregnancy and we want to help her feel comfortable. We really need to find a local shop that has some fun gifts for her.

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