27 Unique Princess Gifts for 3 Year Olds

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Princess gift ideas

Are you wondering what to buy a 3-year-old girl for a birthday or Christmas gift?

Lucky for you I’m a mother to a 3-year-old girl and I have a front-row seat to what toddler girls like and what they don’t like. 

This age is all about imitating what they see and what they hear. And who are they watching the most? Mom and TV. Think all things pretty and Disney.  This means if you want to impress a toddler girl, you need this gift guide filled with the best princess gifts for 3 year olds. 

Every little girl doesn’t get the opportunity to experience Disney and see real-life princesses especially not by the age of 3. This princess gift guide will bring the magic to her and allow her to enjoy it again and again in the comforts of her own home. What’s better than that?


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Princess gift ideas for 3 year olds

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Princess gift ideas

Most 3-year-old girls have at least 1 favorite Disney Princess and they want to be just like her! The ones that don’t have a favorite just love princess things in general. Not only does she want to look dainty, have frills, and feel beautiful but she wants her environment to feel that way too. Today we’ll explore princess toys, princess decor, and princess attire that the 3-year-old girl in your life won’t be able to resist.  

Princess gifts for 3 year olds

Princess dresses for toddlers


These princess dresses are the real deal and will make any 3-year-old girl feel just like her favorite princess.  If you know her favorite princess, you can grab her dress below. If she doesn’t have a favorite, any of these beautiful princess dresses will do. These princess dresses aren’t just for dress up. They can be used as birthday outfits, for professional photos, or even Halloween. The options are endless and you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. 

Belle’s Princess Dress

Belle Princess Dress

If your little girl loves Belle, she’s going to absolutely love this dress as well! It’s so beautifully made and looks so elegant that I want one for myself. You’ll regret it if you tried to find this in a store because the quality just can’t be beaten. Just be ready for your 3-year-old princess to never want to take this dress off.

If you’re planning on giving her a princess themed party, skip the typical birthday outfits and go for this instead.

Cinderella’s Princess Dress

Cinderella Toddler Princess Dress


Cinderella is one of our absolute favorite princesses and this princess dress is definitely her. If you decide to give this as a princess gift, you won’t have to get anything else. This dress comes with the tiara, wand, necklace, clip-on earrings, and gloves. What more could a little toddler princess want?


Tiana’s Princess Dress

Princess Tiana items are not as easily accessible as the other Disney princesses but this dress makes up for that. It is absolutely amazing and will make your little one feel like the most beautiful 3-year-old girl in the world. Be prepared for both the beauty and craftsmanship to exceed your expectations.


Elsa’s Princess Dress

Elsa Princess Dress

For the little girl who is into Frozen, this Elsa dress is a must! Be ready for a fight if you try to make her take this off. Don’t worry Elsa’s accessories are included, even the braid!

Anna’s Princess Dress

Anna from Frozen Princess Dress

You can’t have Elsa without Anna! The details in this dress will blow you away and leave you wanting to order more just like it. It’s perfect for siblings who adore both Anna and Elsa or a toddler girl who just has a preference for Anna. 

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) Princess Dress

Sleeping Beauty Dress

This princess dress is gorgeous and will be a wonderful addition to any little princess’ collection. If she wears it in public, all eyes will be on her. 

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Princess Dress

Moana Toddler Princess Dress

Ariel’s dress is perfect for the active little princess who likes to be on the go. It’s comfortable to wear without sacrificing any of the beauty that comes with a princess dress. 

Moana Princess Dress

princess dress for toddlers

Moana isn’t your typical princess and neither is her outfit. The true Moana fans won’t be able to resist putting on this outfit immediately. The best part, the designer is completely open to customizing the dress anyway you want. That’s just fantastic!

You can’t go wrong with any of the above princess dresses. They are all beautifully made and high quality. It’s just a matter of your 3-year-old and who she likes. Many times toddlers have more than one princess they adore so don’t feel you’re only limited to getting them one dress. You can always create a true princess dress collection. 

Princess dress up accessories for toddlers 


You can’t really feel like a princess if you don’t have the right princess accessories. Trust and believe 3-year-old girls know exactly what accessories a princess wears! 

Princess shoes 

Now your little girl can be stylish while she plays. With 4 different pairs of shoes, she can change shoes whenever she feels like it. The heels aren’t high but will still give her the feeling of being a princess. It even comes with a pretty box that can be used for storing them. Get your princess shoes here!

Princess  tiara and wand

Perfect for a toddler girl who wants to be a princess all day long. The tiara isn’t too heavy and the wand is very flexible, allowing it to withstand toddler destruction. Get your princess tiara and wand here

Princess cloak

A princess dress isn’t complete without a cloak. This one is sure to pair perfectly with the princess dresses in her closet. The non-itchy fabric will ensure that she’ll want to wear it again and again and again. 

Princess gloves 

4 pairs of assorted gloves assures there will be a set for her friend to enjoy too during their play date. They are perfect for princess dress up and tea parties. You just can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Princess pretend makeup 

After watching Mommy put on make-up, little girls are dying to try it out for themselves. Remember, this age is all about imitation. This make believe make-up complete with a cosmetic bag will definitely having her feel just like her Mom, the original princess. Each piece is very well put together and looks like the real thing minus the mess!

Princess toys for 3 year olds


We have taken care of her appearance so now it’s time to play! Sometimes girls just want to have fun and what better way to do that than with good ole fashioned princess themed toys!

Princess castle 

This foldable princess castle comes complete with a working drawbridge. Your 3-year-old princess will want to play with this all of the time. Moms like it because it’s made of wood and is a universal castle rather than being tied to a specific princess. This means as your little girls’ taste in princesses changes, this castle won’t be outdated.  Don’t forget to add this to it. 

Princess matching game

All parents like when their kids are entertained by their toys but parents LOVE when the toys also educate their child too. That’s exactly what happens with this princess matching game. It helps toddlers practice their matching skills and strengthen their memory. It’s a win-win for the whole family. 

Princess magnetic tile castle blocks 

Looking for something to really keep a 3-year-old girl occupied but fulfills her request for all things princess related? You can’t go wrong with this! It helps to develop a child’s imagination, color, and shape recognition, and most of all boosts creativity. Yes, there are a lot of pieces but it comes with a storage box to make clean up a breeze. 

Princess finger puppets

These 16 handcrafted princess finger puppets are perfect for capturing your toddler’s attention at home and on the road. It’s the perfect toy for a long car ride or a trip to grandma’s house. It’s also a great way for mom and dad to join in on the fun and play alongside your little one. 

Princess jigsaw puzzles

Puzzles are great for helping with cognitive development and this set won’t disappoint. You get 4 quality 12 piece princess jigsaw puzzles. Don’t worry about getting them all mixed up because each piece is labeled according to which puzzle set it belongs too. The puzzles are also easily portable as the lid doubles as a puzzle frame. It won’t take your little one long to figure out how to put her favorite characters together.  

Princess necklace activity kit 

Ready to help your 3-year-old toddler turn up her creativity? Then this princess gift idea is perfect. She can make her own princess jewelry over and over again. It also will help with her sense of giving as she can gift her creations to members in the house. As a bonus, there’s even a carrying case! For moms looking for a princess gift that appeals to minorities as well, don’t worry, Princess Tiana is included in the set. 

Princess playhouse

Every princess needs her own castle and this one fits the mold! It’s high-quality cedarwood, easy to assemble, and loads of fun. She won’t be outgrowing this anytime soon as there is plenty of room for growth. You can even fit inside! 

Battery powered princess carriage 

Looking for battery-powered ride-on for your princess? Then this carriage is the perfect ride. Complete with push-button start and room for storing her princess accessories, this carriage will be the talk of the town! 

Personalized princess gifts

personalized princess gifts











Princess charm bracelet 

This is the perfect keepsake for a little girl. You can choose the color, length, and of course, add her name. It’s the perfect way to make a little girl feel as special as she truly is. 

Personalized pillowcase

Want to get your princess to sleep in her own bed? Get her own personalized princess pillowcase complete with her favorite princesses. 

Personalized princess mug

Back to imitation, get your little one a princess mug so she can sip her water or juice while Mommy drinks her coffee. It’s sure to make her feel like a big girl. 

Personalized princess book 

You’ll have the happiest little girl in the world when you make her the star of her very own princess book. You can even customize the princess’s skin tone and hair color to look just like her! 

Personalized princess crown

Complete your little one’s princess dreams by gifting her very own tiara with her name. It’s a great way to reinforce both letter and name recognition. Not to mention you’ll have one thrilled little girl on your hands.

Princess room decor












Ready to transform your little one’s playroom or bedroom into the princess den of her dreams? Here is  what you need:


Princess presents for 3 year olds 

After all of this, you should no longer be wondering what do you buy a princess. You have enough 3 year old princess gift ideas to please any little girl. Now, start shopping! Which princess gift are you the most excited about?

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Princess gift ideas for toddler girls

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