21 Useful Gifts for Working Moms in 2022

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Are you looking for the best gifts for working moms?

Working moms are some of the most selfless people around and the most difficult to shop for!  If you ask them what they want, they’ll usually tell you they don’t want anything but the truth is they do. They are just so busy doing for everyone else that they never have the time to think about what they might want. So, to make things easier on themselves, they tend to say “Oh, I don’t want anything.” but again, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Then you’re left trying to decide on gifts for the woman who wants nothing. Well, not this year! The holiday season is finally nearing and this is the perfect time to figure out some juicy gift-ideas for the busy working mom in your life.

It is true what they say, it is better to give than to receive. But, you don’t want to just give anything. You want to give a thoughtful gift, something they will really enjoy.


A gift tells so much about the giver and you want the working mom in your life to know how much you appreciate her just by the sentiment behind your gift.  Can you imagine the smile on her face opening exactly what she wanted but didn’t know to ask?

Here’s the thing, finding suitable gifts for working moms, or girl-bosses if you will, has been a huge struggle, even for me. Because of this, I wanted to make things easy for you. I’ve talked to other working moms and found out exactly what it is they want. Now all you have to do is read and you’ll have the perfect gift for the working mom in your life. Let’s get started!

This is for you if:

  1. You are shopping for a gift for a working mom

  2. You are a working mom trying to figure out what it is you should ask for on your birthday or Christmas


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Gifts for Working Moms

Every working mom is unique. We all have different interests and likes but there is one thing that unifies us all: we are BUSY and typically don’t have enough time to spend on ourselves enjoying what we like most. But if what we wanted was readily accessible because of receiving a great gift, well that could be a game-changer!

The gifts highlighted in this guide will be specific for whatever tickles your working mom’s fantasy. There truly is something for everyone!


Useful Gifts for Mom


Have you heard of the Skylight picture frame? It’s a way for Mom to see her most treasured photos whenever she wants. 

The frame has it’s own email address and can receive photos instantly. Mom can email her favorite photos to herself and keep the frame on her office desk or the Nanny or Babysitter can also email mom photos of the kids while she’s working. 

It’s a great gift that’s also very useful for busy working moms. 


Life Planner

One of the most challenging parts of being a working mother is keeping up with everything you have to do for work and then also keeping track of everything you have to do at home along with the kid’s activities. It’s hard!

The one thing that seems to make it more manageable is having a life planner. Mom will definitely appreciate being able to see all of her appointments and obligations laid out in one place. 

And guess what?

You can really surprise her by customizing the planner with photos and personalizing it with her name. She’ll love it for sure. 


Echo Dot

Who wouldn’t want a personal assistant that they didn’t have to pay for? The working mom in your life is going to absolutely love this gift, especially when they learn all the cool things they can do with it. 

She can listen to music, her audiobooks, and her favorite podcast. Alexa can be used to set reminders, timers, and answer random questions. 

If you buy her more than one echo device, she can even use it as intercom in her home and send messages to her husband and kids. 


Chic Mom Brush Kit

Moms like to wear make up too but it’s challenging when you don’t have the right tools. Get her this brush kit complete with 9 professional grade brushes that will keep her makeup looking flawless even on her busiest day. Throw in this talc free eye makeup too!


Gifts for the Working Mom Who Loves to Cook

New Cookbook 

A new cookbook for a working mom who loves to cook is a great working mom gift, especially this cookbook. The recipes are REALLY delicious as well as simple and straightforward. Unlike any other cookbook I’ve ever had, this one is entertaining to read. Working moms need a good laugh at the end of a busy workday and this cookbook won’t disappoint. Even if this mom has a ton of cookbooks, her kitchen library won’t be complete without this one and you should get her the follow-up cookbook too!


A woman who loves to bake and cook has an incomplete kitchen if she doesn’t have one of these! Kitchen Aid is royalty in the kitchen plus its easy to use and easy to clean. Make her dreams come true and get her this!

Knife Set


A good knife site is another kitchen must-have gift for working moms. It’s frustrating trying to cut meat only to realize all of your knives are dull. She won’t have that problem with this set, plus it has a lifetime warranty!

Cutting Board

This may seem like a cheesy gift but a good cutting board is another important kitchen tool for a busy working mom. She’s going to want to multitask as much as she can and with this large cutting board, she can do just that. Even better, it’s organic and also comes with a lifetime warranty. You can’t beat that!

Culinary Subscription Box

culinary subscription box for working mom gift


Your working mom that loves to cook is going to enjoy this cooking box. It comes with gourmet and artisan ingredients but no animal products. No,  she probably won’t be using this to cook for the kids but she can use it for date night or when she wants to cook an adult meal. Trust me, you won’t go wrong with this gift.

Gifts for the Working Mom Who Loves to Read


Most working moms are always on the go which makes it hard to keep up with a traditional book. But, a kindle changes all of that! It’s light, waterproof has audible and gives her immediate access to new releases and bestsellers. She never has to worry about losing books again or trying to figure out what page she was on.

She can easily read on her lunch breaks, in the bathroom, or listen to a book using audible while supervising bath time. With a kindle, her options are endless.

If you do decide to purchase the kindle, make sure to get her this too!

Tablet stand

A lunch break can go by rather quickly. No one wants to spend that time holding a fork in one hand and a tablet in the other. This e-reader holder will allow mom to enjoy a good book and her lunch all at the same time!

Girl-boss books

What can be more perfect than gifting your working mom girl-boss the books they always wanted to read. These books have such inspiring stories that will keep your girl-boss always motivated to achieve high goals and slay them. This is one of my absolute favorites!


mugs for women who love to read

Most readers love to sip on their favorite drink while reading a good book but it’s even better when it’s personalized. Noone has to no there’s no coffee in the cup!

Book Subscription 

subscription box for book lovers

Once Upon a Book Club is not your basic subscription box. It’s an entire experience. Give the working mom in your life something just for her, that she can look forward to every month. This monthly subscription box comes with 1 adult fiction book, 3-5 wrapped gifts that coincide with the book, a 5X7 printable quote, along with the opportunity to have live discussions with fellow book lovers. Once you see the price you’ll see that they are basically giving this away!



Practical gifts for busy moms

Blue light blocking glasses 

These days most people spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, whether it be for work or pleasure. According to Eagle Eyes, constant screen time can cause digital eye strain, increase your risk of macular degeneration, decrease the clarity of your vision, and of course increase glare. Blue light blocking glasses can decrease all of this. Clearly this is something everyone needs. When you purchase this as a gift, make sure you pick up a pair for yourself!

Coffee is my BFF – tumbler

Everyone who’s working hard needs the stock of hot coffee beside them. This coffee
tumbler is the perfect gift for your girl-boss who’s working super hard to reach her goals. It’s such an adorable way of showing care and love. Get this limited edition coffee tumbler from here.

Fluffy eye masks

Your working mom girl-boss is indeed working hard and staying late to finish up here next gig or to launch her new product. On top of that, How about gifting these beautiful eye masks that will help her to grab some cozy sleep at night. Get these affordable masks from here.

Kate spade acrylic desk set

If your working mom has a home office or an office period, then this is the must-have to keep things organized. Are there papers or documents lying around while she’s busy working? Does she like her things to look classy and sophisticated? Get her this Kate Spade Acrylic desk set to keep all the necessary documents handy and safe while showing off her sense of style. This will be such a life-saver!

Law of attraction life-planner

Working mom girl-bosses always love to plan their day in advance and slay it one day at a time. This beautiful planner is a must for everyone who’s looking to make a proper plan to achieve their goals. You bet, your overachiever working mom is going to love this!! Grab this amazing planner from here.

Boss-babe nameplate

Hands down!! This is something every boss-girl secretly wishes of owning. Having your own
nameplate on your desk gives such a feeling of accomplishment. Your girl is going to be so proud of you for choosing such a thoughtful gift.
Grab this beautiful name-plate from here.

Cable travel pouch

If your girl boss has to go carrying her laptop, i-pad, phone everywhere with her then she
definitely needs this travel pouch to house all the wires and adapters.
It’s a super comfortable and thoughtful way of appreciating everything she does. Grab this beauty from here.

Best gifts for working moms

Gifting is not always about money, it’s about the thought and intention you have behind choosing that particular gift. I really hope that you found some worthy gift for your working mom girl-boss. She’s going to be so amazed. Most of these gifts can be used interchangeably for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and even as stocking stuffers for working moms.

What are you going to buy first?

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