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How I Survived the First 30 days as a New Mom!

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What are the must have baby items?

I went to Babies R Us on Saturday to see what deals I could find for my baby. All I found were things for newborns. I remembered my cousin is due in July and called to ask her what she still needed. She asked me what was the one item I had for my daughter that I couldn’t live without. That really got me to thinking. What are my must have baby items?

My top 5 must have baby items!

I started reminiscing about the early days of motherhood and what got me through. I’m going to share with you the top 5 must have baby items that helped me survive the first 30 days as a paranoid momma.

Keep in mind there are a lot of lists floating around. No list is the “gospel” and no list is wrong. What you need will totally depend on your parenting style and your baby.

1. A breast feeding pillow

Day one was full of mixed emotions and a lot of pain. I had a c-section and once my spinal wore off, I was hurting. On top of that I decided that I was going to breastfeed. No one warned me that nursing the baby would also cause my uterus to contract. Talk about some painful stuff!

With my incision it was difficult to get into a comfortable position to nurse the baby. The my breast friend pillow turned out to be my best friend for real!

I was able to use it while nursing in bed and when I was out of bed. I loved that it was versatile and had pockets I could use for holding my phone or water bottle. And I could use it to do the football hold nursing position or the cradle. It even worked when I let my baby sit up to nurse.

I liked the fact that I could attach it to my body so I could nurse and move around simultaneously. Make sure to keep a hand on the baby though!

2. Nipple cream

Luckily for me, Kenz was a natural when it came to latching. We didn’t have any issues at all. I never experienced any pain from her latching but the frequent friction from her nursing did a number on my nipples. Lanolin saved our nursing journey!

(Tiana’s breastfeeding journey is very different than mine!)

The lactation consultant had me apply it immediately after I finished nursing. It made a world of difference. You can also use it between pump sessions. After a couple of weeks, I found that my nipples had adjusted and I no longer needed the lanolin.

3. A swing or baby rocking chair.

Once we got home, Kenz was a not a big fan of her bassinet. The bassinet in the hospital had an incline and the one at home was flat. Who knew a three day old could develop preferences so quickly!

My plan was to use her bassinet for night time sleeping and daytime naps. She had different plans! I ended up using the rock-n-play for her naps.

She absolutely loved that thing. She didn’t care much for the vibration or the rocking feature. I think she enjoyed the incline and the way it hugged her body.

It made a great addition to my bathroom as well. I would sit her in there when I took my showers and when I got ready in the morning. Surprisingly I was able to utilize it until she was 9 months. At that point she kept trying to sit up despite being strapped in.

4. A breathing monitor. My top 5 must have baby items

I was always a nervous wreck when I put Kenz in the crib. My master is on the main level and her bedroom is upstairs. I was always worried that I wouldn’t know if something went wrong.

While I was pregnant I saw many posts and testimonials about Owlette and how many lives it had saved. I knew I needed that in order to keep my sanity.

I did not end up getting it though. Instead, I was gifted an Angel Care movement and sound monitor. It’s pretty similar to the Owlette in that it alerts you if the baby stops breathing. It’s been very comforting to have.

Last night I got to see it in action after we got what I hope was a false alarm. At any rate, the alarm startled both of us and everyone was definitely breathing after that!

5. A babywear wrap or carrier.

With me breastfeeding on demand, my baby not liking the bassinet, and me having to hold her to get stuff done, my baby became attached to me. I had no idea until I became a mother that there was such a thing as attachment style parenting. Apparently that’s my style of parenting. At 11 months, my baby is still attached to me.

I would have never survived the first 30 days and definitely not the last 11 months without baby wearing. There are many different devices out there, wraps, slings, and carriers.

My favorite is the wrap style, especially the sleepy wrap. As a newborn and older infant, my baby would go to sleep as soon as I put her in. I use it to get things done around the house, grocery shop, go to the mall, and when traveling in airports.

Your Mileage May Vary

What worked for me may or may not work for you. My top 5 must have baby items will at least give you a place to start in your own preparations.

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