15 Best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms that they will Love 2021

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What every first time mom wants

Do you remember how you felt when you found out you were pregnant?It’s an exciting time but it can also be scary and overwhelming, especially when you’re the first in your circle to experience it. Now you’re an old pro at this pregnancy and parenting thing and everyone is looking to you for answers. What books did you read to prepare? When did the morning sickness start for you? How do I survive the next 9 months? The questions just keep coming.  Along with answering their questions, you’ll probably want to also give them a congratulatory pregnancy gift. What was your favorite pregnancy item? Everything about your pregnancy may not be at the forefront of your mind. So I’ve created a list of pregnancy gifts for first time moms that you can use to help your friends, sisters, and other loved ones have an enjoyable and memorable pregnancy journey. 

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What to buy Mom for herself

Woman giving the best pregnancy gift for first time moms

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What’s a good gift for an expecting mother?

The best gifts are the ones you don’t know to ask for. Try to think back to your pregnancy. What is something you wished you had at that time? If you had a fairy godmother, what would you have wanted them to give you? Think about it. Gifts for first time expectant moms are probably the easiest to find. They will appreciate any and everything you give them because they are over the moon with excitement. Of course, there will be things that make better newly pregnant gifts versus the items that will be more helpful in later pregnancy. 

Gifts for newly pregnant friend 

Before you start your shopping for your newly pregnant friend, there are some things you should think about. Is this her first pregnancy?  Is she sentimental or does she enjoy a good laugh? Maybe she’s the type of person that will benefit from more of a practical gift. Don’t worry, regardless of what type of personality the mother to be has, we have the best pregnancy gifts for her here.   

Early Pregnancy Gift

There can be a delay in the time a woman finds out that she’s pregnant and the time she starts to experience her first pregnancy symptoms. This is a great time to start preparing her for what we all know is going to follow. Below you’ll find pregnancy gift ideas that will teach mom about what’s happening inside her body, help her document the journey, and ways to announce her new pregnancy. 

1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

This book is the holy grail when it comes to pregnancy. It’s been a long standing New York Times best seller and anyone who has been pregnant in the last 25 years probably has a copy of it. Make sure your friend has a copy too! Heidi Murkoff really knows her stuff and uses her book to walk expecting mothers through all the changes they will experience and the decisions they will have to make. I kept a copy on my night stand and read it nightly. It really help to reduce anxiety and help moms and dads really know what their little one is up to. What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a must have pregnancy gift for every newly expecting mom.  




2. Pregnancy Journal

As with anything, when you’re going through it pregnancy seems to last forever! But, once its over it feels like it all happened in the blink of an eye. A pregnancy journal is a great gift because it will allow mom and baby to be able to look back on the pregnancy memories. This is the type of gift thats good for first time moms and moms who are on their second or third baby. They will be to record what happens with each pregnancy without confusing the experiences. Whenever I flip through my pregnancy journal I’m always amazed at the details I’ve already forgotten. This pregnancy journal is amazing because it gives moms a place to store ultrasound photos and other pregnancy tokens. It doesn’t leave a ton of space for writing so if you think journaling is important to mom, try this 9 month journal instead.  



3. Letters to my Baby


This is another great gift for the sentimental mom to be. Letters to my baby allows mom to start creating messages for her little one long before they meet. It comes with 10 writing prompts that will guide mom on her letters as well as two pages without prompts. As the baby grows into an adult, they will be able to read these precious handwritten notes at the designated times of their life. Not only are you giving mom a gift, but you’re giving the baby a gift that will last a lifetime. I suggest buying two of these because dad is going to want to get in on the action too!

4. Pregnancy Shirt





A fun, congratulatory gift for mom is a customized shirt. She can use this to announce her pregnancy to others and continue to wear it throughout her pregnancy. These shirts come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. You’ll definitely find the perfect one for your pregnant friend.  


5. Weekly Pregnancy Stickers

Most women find out they are pregnant around 6 or 7 weeks. This makes these pregnancy stickers perfect since they start at 7 weeks. No, mom will not be showing by then but the stickers can give a clue to how the baby is growing on the inside. The expectant mother will enjoy this because the fruit and vegetables coincide with most pregnancy apps.  


2nd Trimester Mother to Be Gift Ideas

The second trimester is when things start to get real for mom to be. The nausea is starting to go away and her energy will begin to return but pregnancy symptoms will become more pronounced. Now she’ll be dealing with back pain, growing breasts, and the possibility of stretch marks. The following gift ideas will help make the 2nd trimester more enjoyable for her.

1. Body Pillow

When mom’s sleep starts getting interrupted from a sore back and painful legs, she’s going to be happy that you gave this to her.  Regular pillows just can’t provide the comfort that comes with this full body pregnancy pillow. It’s machine washable and even comes with a detachable extension that she can also use between her legs. This is a great pregnancy gift but she’ll be able to continue using it long after the baby is born.

2. Bio Oil

Research will say that you really can’t prevent stretch marks, it’s all in your genetics. I beg to differ based on personal experience. My mother and grandmother both have stretch marks related to pregnancy but I do not. I attribute it to using this bio oil daily beginning in my second trimester. Do your pregnant friend a favor and get her a bottle. She’ll thank you later!

3. Maternity Bras

Breasts can grow so rapidly during pregnancy. Every expecting mom deserves to have nice coverage without breaking the bank. You never know how much her breasts will continue to grow throughout her pregnancy but the good thing is that this maternity bra is super affordable. They can be used during pregnancy and after for the mom who also wants to breastfeed.

4. Pixie Tunes

Give mom the gift of communication. With the pixie tunes, mom to be will be able to play music, read books, and just simply talk to her baby and begin solidifying their bond. The system uses sound dampening technology so there’s no fear of interrupting baby’s development. There is even a stereo splitter so mom and baby can listen to different things. How cool is that!  


3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gifts

Mom is really started to show and may even be beginning to waddle at this point. Her level of discomfort will start to increase and swollen feet are a major possibility. Treat moms to gifts that will her relax and feel more comfortable.

1. Compression Socks

Does mom’s job require her to be on her feet for any length of time? Then she will definitely need compression socks. They keep the blood circulating and help decrease swelling. Both things are very important for pregnant women.  

2. Bella B Gift Set 

This is everything mom needs to relax before her bundle of joy is delivered. It comes with a sitz bath, moisturizing body cream, and stretch mark prevention butter. This gift set is a great gift for the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.

3. Socks

socks that read if you can read give me a foot rub  



    These socks say everything so mom doesn’t have to. They come in multiple colors and you can customize the message.


The Gift the Keeps on Giving

A monthly subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving. Gift mom with a monthly box made specifically for pregnant women. Imagine how excited she’ll be to receive her monthly box of surprises! You can do month to month or go with a subscription plan. Either way these make the best pregnancy gifts for her! I know the thought of spending money monthly isn’t appealing and it’s definitely not something you’ll do for just anyone. Use the monthly pregnancy subscription box idea when you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for a pregnant friend or even birthday gift ideas for a pregnant friend. 

1. Bump Boxes

For as long as you choose, mom to be will receive a box with at least 5 hand-picked items that correspond with that month of her pregnancy. Each month will be something new which makes this an ideal gift idea for first time moms. She’ll always have something new to look forward to all because of you!

2. Ecocentric Pregnancy Gift Box

These boxes are great for the “natural” mom. Each monthly box consists of organic products that coincide with her stages of pregnancy. You don’t have to do a subscription with this. Instead, you can purchase trimester-specific boxes or just cover a single trimester. You can’t go wrong and this will help if you’re stuck trying to think of what to gift an expectant mother. 


Cute pregnancy gifts

Not quite sure how far along the mom to be is in her pregnancy? Check out these cute pregnancy gifts that are not specific to a particular trimester of pregnancy. The expectant mother in your life will be able to enjoy this at any time during her 9 months of pregnancy. 

1. Pregnancy Planner Stickers 

          These planner stickers are absolutely adorable and are perfect for the organized momma. If she is the type to never leave home without her planner in tow, this pregnancy gift will be perfect for her. If mom doesn’t use a planner, these stickers will also work with a regular wall calendar. Either way, she’ll love being able to visually mark the milestones of her pregnancy. 



2. Due Date Shirt

due date shirt pregnancy gift

Do you know when the baby expected to arrive? If you do, this due date shirt is such a cute pregnancy gift. Mom to be will be able to wear it throughout her pregnancy and it’ll keep her from having to constantly tell people when she’s due. 

Trust me, she’ll be thanking you for this fabulous pregnancy gift!






3. Wine Glass

I've waited nine months for this wine glass

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant one of the things I missed the most was my wine. I’m fairly certain most expectant moms feel the same way. 

Why not help mom to be pass the time until her next glass of wine with this cute “I’ve waited nine months for this” wine glass. It’ll make that first glass after baby extra special and it’s something she can use in subsequent pregnancies. 




Gift ideas for mom to be

You now have the ultimate list of gift ideas for mom to be. Anytime someone in your circle is expecting, be sure to refer back to this list. These gifts are perfect as just because gifts, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts for expectant moms. Don’t forget to share this with your Facebook friends who may also be struggling to come up with gift ideas for the pregnant woman in their life. What was your best pregnancy gift as a first time mom? Like this? Pin it!  

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