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Must Have Time Saving Kitchen Tools Every Working Mom Needs 2021

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What are the best kitchen tools to save time?

Four walls closed in as I stood in the front of the hot stove watching the water finally come to a boil. In the background I could hear my daughter asking me to pick her up. I pretended not to hear her as I started opening the box of pasta. The exhaustion of the work day was weighing on my shoulders and I just really wanted to get off of my feet.  I had reached my breaking point. There had to be a better way.

As a working mom you’re in a never-ending battle with time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of it. You have to pull your weight at work and then come home and start working all over again.

Getting dinner ready can be the absolute worse!

Think about this for a moment, what would it feel like to come home from work and not have to spend hours in the kitchen getting dinner ready?

Sounds great right? Well guess what?

It’s absolutely possible to prepare delicious, balanced meals for your family without loosing the rest of your day.


By using time saving kitchen tools!

OK, I know what you’re thinking, but trust me once you start using these kitchen gadgets, you’ll never go back. If you already own some of these cooking tools and aren’t using them, pull them out now!

Best time saving kitchen appliances for busy working moms

There are several small kitchen appliances that can help working moms speed up the cooking process. They are simple enough that even dad can figure them out. That’s right! Use these tools to inspire dad to get in the kitchen and get back even more of your time.  You can also save time by cooking together. The ideas are endless.

These appliances are known for their fast cooking ability without sacrificing the flavor. If a person didn’t know any better, they’d think you spent hours getting your dish together. Don’t worry your secret will be safe with me.

Some of these may be familiar to you and others will be new. The best part is that most of them will start going on sale as we approach Black Friday so  don’t let cost be a deterrent.

Now it’s time to sit back, take notes and be prepared to be wowed at the amazing things you can do in the kitchen and get back your time.

Time saving cooking equipment for moms:

Time saving cooking equipment for moms

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What are the must have kitchen appliances for working moms?

Pressure Cooker

When I say pressure cooker, I’m not talking about the dreaded aluminum pot that could explode in a moments notice.  No, this is way better.

The new electric pressure cookers are multi-functional, programmable, and safe. The majority of them have at least 7 functions including pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, warmer, cake maker, and egg maker. Some of them can even replace a sterilizer, which is a win-win for moms of infants!

If you were only going to invest in one time saving kitchen tool, this would be the one. It does everything!

Now you’re wondering how will it save you time.

For starters, you don’t have to defrost your food first. This is a huge time saver in itself. Gone are the days of having to defrost meat in the fridge over night only to change your mind about what you feel like cooking.

Secondly, one you place your food in the pressure cooker you can set it and forget about it. It allows you to do what moms do best, multitask. While dinner is cooking, you can interact with your family, let your hair down, or move on to other household tasks. The options are endless.

There are several different brands out there but you can’t go wrong either way. When you buy your pressure cooker, make sure to get one of these too. You’ll thank me later!


Slow Cooker

Chances are you probably own a slow cooker already but is it a programmable one? The manual, ceramic slow cookers are limited in what they can do but with a new age, programmable slow cooker, like this one,  you have many options.

No more having to use multiple pots to get the job done.  The slow cooker insert can be used directly on the stove to sear meat, saute vegetables, or perform whatever other cooking function you desire. Personally I use the insert to bake potluck items and then place it back in the slow cooker shell for transport and to keep it warm. As you know our cooking duties sometimes extend outside of the home!

You can use the slow cooker the traditional way as well but don’t limit yourself to just soups and stews. Did you know that you can use your slow cooker to make dishes like spaghetti and even lasagna! Talk about mind blown! I’ve made mac n cheese, lasagna, and different breakfast casseroles. The options are endless.

Stop using your ceramic crock pot and get a programmable slow cooker instead. Most of them provide you with multiple cooking lengths and heat settings, which is nice. The beauty of the slow cooker for working moms is that your dinner can cook while you’re at work. When you get home, all you have to do is eat!  Once your desired cook time has passed, the slow cooker will automatically switch to warm. So no more worrying about coming home to a burned dinner. I suggest opting for the longer cook time on a lower heat setting.

If you’re clueless about the things you can do with your slow cooker, check this out.


Turbo Convection Oven


My mother was the one that turned me on to the table top convection oven. She had been talking about it non stop for weeks but I didn’t really pay her any mind. Then one day I went over for dinner and she made chicken with asparagus. It was absolutely delicious. The chicken was nice and moist on the inside and had a nice crisp to it on the outside. I was sold and immediately went to purchase one for  myself.

I know I’m under utilizing my convection oven as I have yet to take advantage of all of its abilities. It can air fry, steam, broil, grill, and roast. Eventually I will get there but for now I’m enjoying its ability to cook ultra fast!

One of the perks is that you can see your food while its cooking, so no fear of burning dinner. You set the temperature and dial in how long you want it to cook. When that time has passe, the oven will ding and turn off. How awesome is that?

Clean up is a breeze and it won’t take up too much room in your pantry!

Your convection oven will come in handy in the summer time when you want to whip up a quick meal and don’t want to turn on the oven.


Air Fryer

I’m sure you’ve heard of an air fryer by now but incase you haven’t, it’s a fast way to cook food that’s usually fried but with little to no oil. It also doubles as a way to dehydrate food.

My daughter loves freeze dried apples and strawberries but the price in stores is outrageous. The air fryer allows me to do the same thing at home quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Little kids are always hungry and sometimes it can be challenging trying to keep with their pace. That’s when the air fryer becomes really beneficial. You can use it to make snacks for your kids without a great delay. Think french fries, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks just to name a few. Then you can also use it to help you with your other meals. It does really well with just about anything. I enjoy using it for my vegetables and seafood but the options are endless. If you’re still wondering what all it can do, get one of these. You’re going to wish you got one sooner!


Electric Griddle

This one may come as a shock, but an electric griddle is a must have in a busy mom’s kitchen. It gives you a large work surface so you can make several things at once, freeing up your time.

Now you can make all the pancakes you want at one time. No more making one at time only to have everything be cold by the time you get to eat. You can also use it to speed up the cooking process for lunch and dinner too. I’ve used it for sandwiches, burgers, and steaks. My family loves it! It definitely comes in handy for the big family gatherings too!

The non stick surface makes clean up a breeze. I usually try to rinse it off while it’s still hot so nothing will stick to the surface. I’ve had mine for years now and it’s still going strong!


Vitamix Blender

Are you into making smoothies? Do you make your own baby food? These are just a few of the things you can do with a Vitamix.

My first experience with it was watching a demonstration in Coscos. At the time, they were making soup with a beverage to go with it. I was shocked at all of the things this little machine was able to do and how fast it did it, so I purchased it.

As a new mom, my favorite thing to do with the Vitamix is make baby food. The consistency is always perfect and my purees come out velvety smooth. If you’ve ever made baby food before, you know it can be very time consuming. With the Vitamix, I’m able to make a month’s worth of baby food in under 30 minutes! Unlike other pureeing devices, you can still use this after your baby has outgrown baby food.

This isn’t your run of the mill blender. This is a professional grade blender so the price is a little higher than normal, but it’s totally worth it.


Time saving kitchen tools for mom

We’ve covered the must have small appliances, now let’s talk about the other tools moms can use to get food on the table quickly.

Garlic Press

These days almost every recipe calls for minced garlic. Have you tried mincing garlic? For starters it takes forever and then you’ll walk around for days with garlic hands. It’s just not worth it. Of course you can buy the jarred minced garlic but where’s the fun in that? Add a garlic press to your cooking utensils and your food prep will be a breeze!

Mandoline Slicer


Are you still cutting onions and peppers by hand? Do you know how much time you’re wasting? It’s definitely time for you to get a mandoline. It will improve the appearance of your food and speed up your prep time.

It comes with 5 different blades that can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables and for shredding cheese. The first time I used this I was blown away and mad at myself for not getting one sooner. It has made a great addition to my kitchen and will be for yours too.

Quick tip, when you get fresh produce, use the mandoline to cut and slice it. Then, you can put it in the freezer and use as needed when cooking meals.


Cell Phone Stand

It may seem strange seeing a cell phone stand as a time saving kitchen tool, but think about it. When was the last time you used something other than an electronic device to follow a recipe? You probably can’t remember.

A cell phone stand allows you to watch a cooking demonstration or read a recipe without having to hold the phone. Its very annoying when your screen fades to black while your hands are covered in flower and you don’t know the next step! The cell phone stand eliminates this which helps to shorten your time in the kitchen.


Herb Scissors


Cutting fresh herbs can be time consuming and frustrating. Picking them off with your hands is just out of the question and some times after using a knife, you’re left with a mushy mess. The herb scissors preserves the quality of the herb while preventing you from cutting your fingers. It’s so easy to use and the clean up after is fast too. You’re going to appreciate having this!

Best kitchen equipment for moms

That was a lot! But now you know the must have kitchen appliances and the best kitchen tools to help working moms like you save time in the kitchen. Which one are you itching to try first? Let us know in the comments.

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