50 Must Try Romantic Gift Ideas for Men in 2022

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Anniversary coming up? Inspiration needed for Valentine’s Day? Or does your guy have everything and you’re fresh out of ideas? Either way, we’ve got you covered with  50 romantic gift ideas for men


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50 different gift ideas for men

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What is a romantic gift for a man

It can be challenging to find a romantic (and hopefully somewhat original) gift for your partner, especially if he already has everything he needs. Sometimes it proves helpful to have some ideas in advance, and I have collected 50 of them. You are sure to find inspiration.

The key to giving great gifts, especially romantic gifts,  is knowing your partner’s personality. Is he into sports? Is he an outdoors type? What are his hobbies and interests? 

According to the dictionary, romantic is defined as being conducive to or characterized by the expression of love. So generally speaking, any gift you give your significant other is romantic as long as it’s an expression of your love for him. 

Let’s jump to those romantic gift ideas for men!

Romantic Gift Ideas for Men 

Give an experience as a romantic gift

If he likes sports, you could give him a lesson or a course on something he has never done before. For example, where I’m from Nascar is big. A lot of the women like to surprise their guy with a Nascar driving experience. The men absolutely love it and the women come off looking like the most thoughtful gift-giver ever. 

Your guy may not be into racing cars so here are ten other experiences you can give as a gift:

  1. a tennis lesson
  2. an hour with a golf pro
  3. an introductory scuba dive lesson
  4. a salsa lesson
  5. a 10-hour pass for the gym
  6. a catamaran sailing lesson
  7. a 1-day ski pass
  8. a trial martial arts lesson
  9. a trial parachute lesson
  10. his first ice-skating lesson.


Joint experience as a romantic gift

Just because you’re the gift giver doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the gift too! 

How are 10 other romantic gift ideas that you can do together

  1. a romantic getaway
  2. a 1-year subscription to a book club (you can do the books together)
  3. a 1-year subscription to a magazine catering to something that he is interested in (cooking, gardening, motorcycles, National Geographic, history, photography)
  4. a language course (perhaps he is planning a trip somewhere)
  5. a cooking class (Thai, Italian, Mongolian, French, there is a wealth of choices)
  6. a one-day rental of a sailing boat
  7. going horseback riding,
  8. a wine-tasting
  9. tickets to a theater performance
  10. tickets to a live sports event such as football (take a deep breath and for this one time, go with him, or send him with his friends) or ice-hockey or basketball.

Classic romantic gift ideas for men 

Still haven’t found something that could work? A romantic dinner is very cliche, but there is a reason for it; it works.

Here are the next 10 romantic gifts ideas this time leaning towards the classic idea of “romance”

  1. a romantic champagne breakfast (my favorite is with smoked salmon)
  2. a stay-over in an old cabin
  3. a boat trip over a river
  4. a visit to a museum
  5. a class in oil painting or aquarelle
  6. a guitar or piano playing lessons
  7. tickets to a concert where his favorite artist is performing 
  8. a class in nature or model photography
  9. a class in movie-making
  10. paintballing (it can be romantic)


Personalized romantic gift ideas for men 

Some of the most romantic gifts are often personalized items or items that can be consumed. Think about it, and while you’re at it, check out our next 10 gift ideas for men. 

For somebody who already has a lot, these gift ideas are sure to wow him. 

  1. a nicely packaged box of assorted cheeses
  2. a wine thermometer
  3. cooking gadget for specialties such as a fish grill, a Rumtopf or a lobster cracker. If he likes to grill and you get him this, he’ll love you forever!
  4. a self-made (or bought) picnic-basket filled with yummy food items
  5. Irish Coffee glasses
  6. a package of assorted specialty teas or coffees
  7. scented candles (yes, men like scents too)
  8. a plant that he likes
  9. satin sheets (you’ll enjoy this too)
  10. a gift box with tiny bottles of unusual liquor.

Personally, I have had great success with the next ten personalized items.

  1. mugs with your favorite photos or sayings
  2. calendars with your own pictures
  3. pillow with your own photo
  4. t-shirts with your favorite pet on them.

But you can also buy a package of self-sticking label paper at the office supply store and make your own labels for items on the computer or you want to be fancy, use this machine. 


If you really want to DIY your own label, it is best to use a program like Adobe Photoshop, but even Word will work. This is also a great tip if you are on a tight budget. Take the label off a wine bottle (tip: laying it overnight in water with some baking soda will help remove the label) and relabel it with your personal label. If the label is not removable, make your own label large enough to cover it. 

When I’m not feeling particularly creative, I go here for my personalized labels. 

This also works great with body lotion, shampoo, soaps, and other toiletries such as massage oil.

Does your guy like to cook?

Try this:

Make your own herb vinegar or cooking oil by adding dried herbs of your own choice such as parsley, chives, basil, pepper, jalapeno peppers, dill, thyme, to a basic vinegar or oil. Let the herbs dry first; otherwise, the oil or vinegar might become cloudy from the plant juices. Label them with your own label and tie a nice bow around it, and it looks fantastic.

This gift is not only romantic, but it’s practical and extremely creative too. 


Gifts that say I love you for him 

Shopping for a man can be quite challenging especially when you want the gift to serve as an indicator of just how much he means to you. Hopefully, you’ve found a couple of great romantic gift ideas for him to get you through a couple of birthdays, anniversaries, and even some Christmases.

Let us know which gift idea is your favorite.

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