5 Twists on Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

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Hey Mom’s, this article is actually for your husband or significant other. Don’t worry it’s about you! I’m trying to help them give you a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift!  No one wants to receive the cliché Valentine’s Day gift year after year. So this year we are going to mix it up a little. I’ve come across some of the top traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas with modern twists.

To all the men out there it’s time to start shopping again for another Valentine’s Day. For many guys, it can be very stressful trying to pick out just the right Valentine’s Day gift. Play it too safe, and your wife or girlfriend will get bored of receiving the same bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates each year. However, play it too risky, and your wife may not be too happy with the “unique” one-of-a-kind piece of sculpture that you got her for the living room. Instead, why not play it somewhere in the middle.

Get her something you know she’ll love without being too predictable. 


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Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women With a Modern Twist

It’s true; women do love receiving flowers, candy, and even lingerie on Valentine’s Day. But deep down inside, she may be hoping for something a little bit more, something that shows that you put an extra bit of thought into your gift for her. And this may be easier than you think. All it takes is a little creativity and a little romance… and a little help from this article! Here are the top traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for women with a modern twist.



woman getting flowers for valentines day

What woman doesn’t like flowers? The problem with the flowers is that they can get monotonous over time and they eventually die off. So this year, add something special to the bouquet of flowers that your lady can keep with her and cherish long after the flowers are gone. Why not tuck in a little note or card that expresses your love for her. These are my absolute favorite! They turn valentine into a 365-day event instead of just one day. Your lady will be positively ecstatic.

Another idea is to tuck in some tickets to a movie, concert, or theater show that she’s been dying to go see.

You could also attach love coupons that she can use all year long. This will certainly elevate your typical boring flowers into something much more romantic. 

On another note, how about instead of flowers, you put together a bouquet of candy/chocolate? Madelain makes extraordinary chocolate roses that can be grouped in a bouquet. Or you could get some long sticks to which you can slide on different gummy candies, like a candy kabob almost. Group these together like a bouquet, and you have a candy bouquet! It’s beautiful and delicious. But most of all, it’s not your traditional Valentine’s Day gift. 



woman getting chocolate for valentine's day

Of course, every woman also loves chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day. There’s something about that rich, creamy texture. But like flowers, this too gets overdone. Try making some homemade candy treats for your woman. Dipping strawberries in chocolate served with a glass of champagne is a wonderful idea. If you have the skill, you could try making some homemade bon-bons from my favorite recipe. She’ll truly be impressed and will feel extra special! 



woman wearing silk robe for valentine's day

Lingerie is a very personal and sexy gift. This time, when picking out some lingerie for your wife, don’t go for what you would like to see her wearing. That is, don’t pick out the skimpiest, sheerest item of lingerie that you can find. Instead, think of what she would like to wear.

Choose a piece that would flatter her body and her best assets while covering up the areas where she may have some insecurity. Pair the lingerie with a matching robe. This way, it’s a gift that she’ll actually enjoy wearing more than once and will show that you actually thought of her while buying it.


A Mixed CD

woman listening to music

CD’s are so last decade. So instead of compiling a composition of her favorite songs onto a CD, why not put them onto a brand new mp3 player or iPod. Or, better yet, give her these. This gift will surely please her. If she’s not into gadgets and gizmos, put together a slide show on the computer of precious photos and memories and play this along to the music. This is truly a gift straight from the heart.

If you know her favorite songs, create a slide show of pictures of the two of you with her favorite song or “your” song in the background. You can save this to a DVD or email it to her as a surprise on Valentine’s Day while she’s at work. 

This is another gift idea that can be topped off with a love note.  


Going Out to Dinner

romantic valentines dinner at home

An evening out is always nice, but an evening in can be even better. If you like to cook, then prepare a home-cooked meal for your woman. Be sure to include a full course of an appetizer, main dish, and of course, dessert. Make one over-sized desert that you can share together for ultimate romance. Setting the atmosphere is also important so bring out the candlesticks and soft music for the right ambiance.

If you’re not up to cooking a romantic dinner alone, you can do it together. The experience can be a part of your Valentine’s Day gift. Take this cooking class together at home and truly make your valentine’s day one that is romantic and truly unforgettable. 


What should I give her for Valentine’s Day?

There you have it! Some inspiring twists to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to please any woman. Remember guys a gift from the heart is what really counts!

If creativity is not your specialty, be sure to check out these simple but lovely Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

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Now you know your gift won’t be boring. Year after year she’ll be looking forward to receiving one of these top traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas with modern twists.

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