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What goes on your baby registry

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Choosing a baby registry is fun!

I remember being excited about completing my baby registry. There are so many cool gadgets that are made for babies, it is really difficult to know exactly what you will need after you baby is born. How do you choose what goes on your baby registry?  I remember joking with Keyona after seeing her original registry because it didn’t have much on it. I on the other hand wanted to make sure people had options!

Looking back, some of the gifts I received were used, while others remained in the boxes. I made sure to keep everything in boxes until I was ready to use it. Items that did not get used were returned to the store and I used the gift card to purchase everyday items for the baby.

Here’s my list of must have items to survive my first 60 days as a mom.

  1. Nursing supplies!

    Nipple cream, nursing bras, nursing pads, and heat/cold packs. Nursing is not easy in the beginning. Your nipples become raw and sore and there is a period where it can be painful to nurse!! The cream and the hot and cold pack were a lifesaver for me.

    Have these items on hand before you have your baby and use them before and after you nurse to help prevent some of the soreness I had to deal with. Nursing bras made life easy for me. I actually purchased and utilized the bras while pregnant because I found a great sale.

  2. Probiotics.

    We learned early in that Brie had a dairy intolerance and eventually I had to go dairy free for a couple of months. She was very gassy and clearly in pain and we couldn’t figure out how to help her.

    Keyona and I did some research and decided to use Gerber Probiotics. These drops changed our lives! Brie went from a fussy uncomfortable baby to a cooing and pleasant baby in a matter of days. And of course I became a much happier momma!!

  3. Infant swing.

    We were gifted two different types of swings. The first was more traditional that did the basic back and forth swing with music and white noise options. The other, we called the Cadillac of swings! This thing thing had a USB port that you could hook your music to, several different options including a car ride option, and other cool options. I was so excited to get that swing and just knew Brie would love it!

    But of course she preferred the more basic swing. During the first couple of months when crying was Brie’s favorite pastime, the swing was the only thing that could calm her. She would stay in the swing for as long as we let her and it soon became our go to. I really miss using that swing for her!

  4. Swaddle blankets.

    Swaddling works! If I could go back, I would of definitely learned how to swaddle prior to giving birth. In the beginning, swaddle plus the swing was our go to. Swaddling blankets made the swaddling process a little bit easier when I was dealing with a fussy, kicking baby.

  5. Bouncer.

    My infant bouncer served as a sleeper, comforter, and portable baby soother. Just like swing, Brie would quickly settled when she was placed in her bouncer. The bouncer was the safe place I could lay Brie to take a shower, have peace of mind for a few minutes, or just put her down so I could regain my insanity. I loved her swing, but I only utilized the swing when Brie was in my direct line of sight. The bouncer was my go to when it was necessary for me to leave her for a short period.

  6. Breastfeeding pillow.

    I delivered Brie via C-section. I used a bobby pillow to help better support her as I breastfed, and it kept her away from my scar. In the beginning, it was very difficult to lift Brie and move around. The bobby pillow was literally attached to me at all times.

  7. Comfy clothes. 

    Between being an exhausted new mother, constant breastfeeding, and healing from a c-section; having comfortable clothing that allowed me to look somewhat presentable to guests and when I left my home was more than necessary. Leggings, t-shirts, adjustable pants, and nursing bras were my go to for several weeks after I gave birth. I was able to feel comfortable, but did not look like I physically felt. It was helpful for me to have the outfits identified before I came home with my baby.

  8. Keurig.

    This was one of my favorite items during my early days and I’m not even a coffee drinker!! I used my Keurig for many unexpected reasons in the early days. A cup of hot water can be used to quickly warm up a bottle, sterilize a pacifier, clean a random item, or brew a cup of tea. My Keruig was constantly being used in the beginning.

  9. Pack and Play.

    Brie’s pack and play had a portable bassinette, changing table, and could be adjusted as she grew. Since I had a c-section, I spent most of my time on the couch and I loved that the pack and play had the basic features of her bedroom (safe place to sleep, changing table, and areas to hold all of her hygiene essentials). I also used the bottom as a storage area when I quickly needed to clean because someone was coming over. I used the features of the pack and play during the day and her bedroom at night.

  10. Honorable mention – Pumping supplies and bottles.

    When Brie was around two weeks old, I made the decision to exclusively pump. Everything I read, said that I would not need a pump or bottles until about a month before I returned to work. I was grateful to have all of the supplies because it made an already stressful time a little less stressful because I had everything I needed to exclusively pump and feed Brie. In addition to the pump and parts that go with the pump, I had bottles, pump bras, milk storage bags, and an extra pump.

Choosing a baby registry can be lots of fun, but it can be overwhelming to a first time mom. Hopefully my list will give you a start.

I’d love to know what you’d add or take away from this list and put on yours!  Share your top 10 baby items in the comments.

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