Get Groceries Delivered to Home

How to Get Groceries Delivered to Home

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Gain valuable time by using automation

Hey mommas! Welcome back to day 2 of our organization and automation series. If you are just tuning in, make sure you check out yesterday’s post, Must Haves for your Family Command Center.

Today is all about automation, the system used to make a process operate automatically.

It’s a popular concept in the business world but can be used in all areas of life, especially motherhood!

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate everything? Imagine all of the time you would gain! We all know that as a working mom you need all of the extra time you can get.

I was thinking about this while heading to the grocery store one day. Grocery shopping has never been something I truly enjoyed but I especially hate it now that I’m a mom.

My 18 month old is constantly grabbing things and saying “Uh-oh” as she purposefully drops it on the ground. She thinks it’s a game and it only makes mommy frustrated!

I was so excited to learn that I could get my groceries delivered to my home just like take out! This automation process has been a game changer in my household.

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Save Time get groceries delivered to home

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What is the best grocery delivery service

Online grocery shopping is pretty popular now and there are a variety of companies that offer the service. The concept is basically the same across brands. You choose the items you want from a provided list, your personal shopper will do the shopping and then deliver the groceries to your front door.

Your service options will depend on your geographical location but I’ve highlighted the most popular ones for you.


Store Choices:

You will be able to choose from several local grocery stores including Publix, Food Lion, Aldi, and CVS Pharmacy. Your exact options will depend on where you live and can be found on their website.

Delivery Hours:

You can get your groceries in as little as an hour or you can schedule out as far as 6 days in advance.

Their delivery window starts at 9am and closes at midnight depending on the store hours.


The Instacart membership costs $149/year. This gets you free 2 hour delivery on orders $35 or more.

If you don’t want to pay for the membership, your delivery fee will be determined by the size of your order. Your delivery time will also impact your delivery fee. If you select a peak delivery time, it will cost you more.

There is a $10 purchase minimum.

The price of the actual grocery items are sometimes higher than what you would find in the store. This premium is set by the store itself and not Instacart.

Some stores have elected to keep the pricing the same. Visit the retailer’s store front in Instacart to learn about their pricing.


Don’t get excited about the latest sale in your circular. Instacart doesn’t honor in-store discounts.

Your purchase total will vary depending on the time of day. A busy pricing delivery fee may apply.

Sign up for Instacart today and get free delivery for 14 days.


Store Choices:

Your store choices will be dependent on where you live. Shipt typically delivers from Target, Harris Teeter, and Publix. You can check their website to see what the store options are in your area.

Delivery Options:

Deliveries can be made as soon as 1 hour after your order.

Delivery hours match store hours. Your groceries can be scheduled for delivery any time the grocery store is open.


Shipt offers the option of a yearly membership or a monthly membership.

The yearly membership makes more financial sense at $99. The monthly membership will cost you $14 per month or $168 a year.

Your delivery is free on all orders over $35. All other deliveries will cost $7. There is no purchase minimum.


Item pricing doesn’t always reflect in store sales. Shipt doesn’t accept coupons.

Sign up today and get 2 weeks free!

Amazon Prime Now:

Store Choices:

Depending on where you live you have the option of purchasing from a variety of local stores and restaurants. In less popular areas, your choice may be limited to Whole Foods and Amazon.

Delivery Options:

You can receive deliveries between 8am to 10pm.

Amazon does not have a set delivery fee. Your fees vary based on your order size.


As an Amazon Prime Member, you only pay for delivery.  This program does not have any other associated fees.


This is relatively new program with limited availability. There is a high probability that the service isn’t available in your area.

With this particular provider, the pricing can be more than what you would find in the grocery store.

Sign up for Amazon Prime today!

Should you Automate your Groceries?

It’s hard giving up control and trusting a complete stranger to pick your fruits and vegetables. Will they know how to pick the sweetest watermelon or know which avocado to select?

What if they think it’s okay to substitute granny smith with fugi?

I learned quickly how to communicate with my Instacart shopper. It was important to relay what substitutions were ok and which brands to avoid.

When you find a shopper you like, request them for all of your orders.

Change can be challenging. You may even feel inadequate because someone else is doing your grocery shopping.

Here’s the thing, you no longer have to go through the hassle of towing your baby and carseat to the grocery store. No more tantrums in the middle of the store. When it’s cold and raining outside you get to stay indoors.

Trust me, your time and sanity are worth it!

Babies grow fast, there’s no denying this. One day you’ll wake up and your newborn will be 18months old. You’ll wonder where the time went!

As a working mom your to do list is never ending. When you finally get home, there are dishes to wash, bottles to make, laundry to wash and fold, dinner to make, and grocery shopping to do. Chances are, you brought work home too!

When do you actually get time to interact with your baby?

You have to make the time! Only do what you absolutely have to do. Everything else, automate, starting with grocery shopping.

What have you automated? And if automation as a concept is new to you, what would you like to take off your plate? Discuss with us below or in our group, Confessions of Professional Moms, where the real conversations about reclaiming your schedule and sanity go down!

Remember, you can have it all momma!!!

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