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What to Buy a 2 Year Old Girl: Top 17 Gift Ideas for Toddler Girl 2020

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Are you wondering what to buy a 2 year old girl as a gift?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

No one wants to buy a gift that won’t be liked and we all know toddlers will let you know instantly if your gift did’t make the cut. 

So, today we will be going over gift ideas for 2 year old girls that are both easy on the pocket and loads of fun. We want your gift to be the one they never put down.

Let’s get started!

Present Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

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Best present for 2 year old girl under $25

This section is full of 2 year old birthday present ideas and 2 year old Christmas present ideas. Refer to this for help with last minute gifts and unexpected party invites. 

Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Have you ever seen an aqua doodle mate before? It’s amazing. Toddlers can can draw and color to their hearts are content without making a mess! It’s so easy to use. The only necessary ingredient is water. Best part, the mat can be used over and over again. Once the water dries, the previous design disappears giving you a fresh canvas.  Say goodbye to marks on the walls and furniture!

I purchased this during Amazon Prime day for my daughter and she loves it. I just lay it on the floor and let her do her thing! It really holds her attention while I cook dinner and clean the kitchen.

You can’t go wrong with the aqua doodle mat! The parents and the kids will all love it, making you the envy of all the other guests. 


My First Purse

It’s amazing how much toddlers absorb from watching you and listening to you. At this age, they are really into role playing and copying what they see others do. My first purse gives them the opportunity to do what mommy does. It comes with a flip phone that rings and makes other sounds, a set of keys that makes engine noises and horn sounds, a credit card, and a pretend tube of lip stick. 

I would have never thought to get this for my daughter but thankfully someone else did. From the minute she opened it, she was in love. She put everything else down and proceeded to walk around the house with her purse, phone, and keys waving and telling me bye-bye. This is the one thing we can’t leave home without. She even insisted on having it in the airport!

Luckily, it’s very durable and easy to tote. 


Doctor Kit for Kids

This is a fun way to help kids not be afraid of what happens when they go see the doctor. It’s also a great way to teach toddlers about empathy and caring for others.

My daughter loves using her stethoscope to listen to Mommy’s heart and “back”. She does the same things to me that she’s seen her doctor do to her. I just sit back and let her imagination run wild.


Castle Play Tent

Little girls will love this! It glows in the dark and can be used both indoors and outdoors. I have to warn you though, they will want you to come inside and play. Don’t be deceived by the picture, it is very roomy on the inside.


Fingerling Hugs

This will quickly become a little girls best friend. It gives hugs, kisses, and will repeat what you say. A 2 year old may not be able to use all of its functions right now, but they will certainly grow into it. There’s still more than enough activities to hold their interest.


Seek a Boo

Remember when you were a kid a played hide-and-go-seek? Well this is not that! This is a memory game for 2 year olds that helps them build their vocabulary and improve their memory skills. My little girl loves it and fun watching her light up when she identifies something correctly. This game is definitely a triple threat, interactive, educational, and loads of fun! Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Best toys for 2 year old girls under $50

Here you can find the best toddler toys for 2 year olds if you’re looking to spend a little more money but not break the bank. These are the kind of gifts you would buy for your favorite little cousin or the child of your closest friend. 

Mommy and Me Doll Pram 

Little toddler girls love playing with their dolls and this is perfect for toting them all around. It can fit multiple teddy bears, cabbage patch dolls, and more. It’s made of great quality so they will be able to play with it for a long time!


Step 2 Easel

We love this easel because two children can play at once.  It comes with magnetic letters and number as well as chalk. It’s been a great way to help my toddler with letter recognition. We haven’t used the chalkboard side yet but she enjoys playing with the letters and coloring. 


Car Seat Lap Tray

This lap tray is perfect for long trips as well as everyday car rides. We haven’t used it on the plane yet, but plan on it in the future.

It doubles as both a fun gift and a practical gift. A toddler can use it to eat off of and to play, write, or color. There is plenty of storage room too. You’ll find a spot for a tablet and drinks plus there are several storage pockets for other little goodies.  




Card Board Playhouse

This is like giving two gifts as 1! It’s a house they can play in plus they get to color all parts of it. Talk to any mom who has a child with one and they will tell you how much this gift has saved their sanity.

The playhouse comes with 10 washable markers and 50 stickers. It will occupy kids for hours and get their creative juices flowing. 


Keyboard Mat


This is one of the gifts I gave my daughter for her 2 year old birthday and it was a big hit! It’s pretty big but its foldable which makes it very easy to store. It comes with 8 different musical instruments and 4 play modes which definitely helps to keep the little ones entertained.

Parents will enjoy this too because it does come with volume control! Let me tell you, this is one of my favorite features!!!!


Did you know that there are board games for 2 year olds? I had no idea and chances are most parents are clueless too! First Orchard is a great game for 2 year olds along with the rest of the family. It’s a great way to help toddlers practice their colors and also work on matching. I love the fact that it also teaches how to work together as a team. There aren’t any individual winner or losers in this game, just good ole family fun! If you want to buy a gift that the whole family can enjoy, this is it! 


Best gift for 2 year old baby girl

This is a list of gifts for 2 yr old girl when money is no object! Save these for your kids, your favorite niece or nephew, or when you just want something that will last and be loads of fun. You’ll be labeled the “best” for purchasing these cool toys for 2 year olds!


Folding Wagon with Canopy

My parents purchased this for my daughter and we can’t keep her out of it. It’s perfect for when it’s just her and it’s also great when their is another toddler around. It comes with seating for 2 (and seat belts) and 2 cup holders. 

There is more to this wagon than what meets the eye.It can be used for hauling, riding, and as just bench seating. My daughter loves to sit in it with her sippy cup and watch me when I’m doing gardening work.

Don’t worry about this taking up too much space. It’s easily folded and even easier to love!

Play Kitchen

What little girl wouldn’t love a play kitchen? This one even comes with all the cooking utensils and condiments. All you have to add is the food!

Indoor Slide and Swing Set

The indoor slide and swing set is perfect for the little girl who doesn’t have a large back yard or who wants to be able to swing and slide all year round. There is an included safety strap to make sure your little one stays secure while having the time of their lives.  

My daughter really enjoys the slide and surprisingly the basketball.  I like the fact we have an indoor “playground” so she can have fun even when it’s raining outside. 


Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

I know everyone is always talking about screen time and making sure that kids aren’t getting too much of it! I’m not here to get into that debate but if you’re looking for a portable gift that can provide educational activities and access to toddler appropriate entertainment, this is it. 

It comes with a 2 year warranty and year of FreeTime (a subscription that gives kids 3-12 access to thousands of age appropriate content) unlimited services.


Electric Ride on Car

My little 2 year old was so excited to have a car of her own. She loves opening her door and putting on her seat belt. I thought she’d have a hard time steering but it turns out she’s a pro! 

It does come with a remote control to allow parents to control the device too. Your toddler will be able to enjoy this for years to come!


My 2 Year Old’s 3 Favorite Gifts

If you are still having a hard time deciding what to get a 2 year old girl, allow my 2 year old girl to help you out. Here are each of her absolutely favorite things from each category:

Best present for 2 year old girl under $25

My First Purse


Best toys for 2 year old girls under $50

Step 2 Easel


Best gift for 2 year old baby girl

Play Kitchen

There you have it! Here are 2019s best gift ideas for 2 year old girls. Now it’s time to share this list with others! Be sure to check out our other gift guide for toddlers
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    1. It was always so hard for me when people would ask me what to get her. Now that I’ve seen what she enjoys, I wanted to remove that burden of guessing from other moms and other people shopping for toddlers.

  1. As a mother of three girls, I have to say this list is spot on!! My girls are now 4, 4 and 6, and a lot of the listed toys are still in constant use at our house! Money well spent!

    1. Ida, that’s great to know! She’s still playing with everything now but I’m especially happy to know I can count on her using them for the next 4 years.

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